I’m Melanie Haynes, the editor here at Food Prep Life. I spent years as a prep cook in restaurants, before opening a business as a consultant. If there’s one thing that I took with me from all that time in a professional kitchen, it’s that it pays to prep.

Here at Food Prep Life, we know that prepping for the day is essential in all aspects of your life. After working a full shift, running the kids to after-school activities, and going grocery shopping, who has the energy to make a whole meal?

Cooking is a joy when you have everything ready to go. If you do your prep ahead, then you can quickly put together a healthy, delicious meal in minutes, that would otherwise take a good chunk of time away from relaxing with the family. Our goal is to help you with recipes and products that make cooking something to look forward to, instead of dreading it after a long day at work.

You’ll get tips from pros on what foods freeze best, and recipes on how to prepare them. We’ll even review the best storage, and products that will make cooking more convenient.  You could potentially make your entire weeks’ worth of meals on a Sunday and simply pull it out of the freezer and pop it in the oven or microwave when you get home. If you prepare ahead of time, the kids can even help with dinner.

Please get in contact with us if you have any questions and suggestions. We always welcome your input. Feel free to comment on one of our posts or send a private message to our team.

Happy prepping!


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