The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener Gives Cutlery the Winning Edge

It is more than an old wives’ tale that “a sharp knife cuts the quickest and hurts the least.” And an AccuSharp knife sharpener is more than just a handy kitchen gadget.

Whether you are a professional chef, the family cook, or just occasionally make your own dinner and a salad, sharp knives are a must for cutting safety and efficiency.

Keeping a sharp knife will make your culinary endeavors go more quickly and smoothly. A sharp knife is more likely to glide through whatever you are cutting and go precisely where you want it to go.

Not having to exert excess effort to use your blade makes it far less likely that you’ll accidentally cut into something you don’t want to cut — like your fingers, for instance.

If you’ve invested hard-earned cash in high-quality knives, naturally you’ll want to make sure they remain razor sharp and perform for a long time. To do that, you’ll need a quality knife sharpener.

Whether you would rather use a ceramic pull-through, a honing steel, or an old-reliable stone, more than likely, AccuSharp makes a quality knife sharpener you’ll want to keep your cutlery nice and sharp.

How to Test the Sharpness of Your Knife

Sharpening your knife blade, of course, is the idea, but how do you know when your knife is as sharp as it can be?

Naturally, the sharper the knife is, the better it will cut. Often, the only way we know a knife needs sharpening is from a noticeable loss of performance.

However, there are several tried and true methods of testing the edge of your blade to be sure it is sharp.

You may have already tried some of these, but just in case, here is a quick rundown of the more popular methods. Note that some are more logical and safer than others.

1. Keep on cutting

Since most sharpening occurs while you are in the process of preparing something, the easiest way to check your blade’s sharpness is to simply continue cutting. You should see the difference immediately.

2. The paper test

If you can easily slice through paper smoothly with your newly sharpened knife without tearing it, your knife is acceptably sharp and ready to go. Cut from tip to handle to check for imperfections or any damage along the blade.

3. Crying time

Gently place the edge of your knife blade on an onion. Make sure it is perpendicular with the surface, and if your knife doesn’t slide across easily, it’s probably up to your cutting tasks.

Types of AccuSharp Knife Sharpeners

All knives, especial those you use often, will eventually lose their sharp edge. It’s important — and some chefs would say vital — to be able to sharpen and hone your knife quickly and easily so you can get back to your slicing and dicing.

AccuSharp offers several ways to maintain a sharp, clean edge of your knife blade. Here are the types provided by AccuSharp and the features of each.


The kind that most people think of when they think of a classic AccuSharp knife sharpener is one of their many handheld sharpeners with the handle hand guard.

Handheld knife sharpeners make the process much easier than using a sharpening stone or steel. Most manufacturers design handheld knife sharpeners so that you pull your knife through a slot with the sharpener on a stable platform such as a table. And even some can openers have a smaller version of this type of knife sharpener on their reverse.

In contrast, you hold the classic handheld AccuSharp knife sharpener (001) solidly in your hand and then pull it down the length of the blade to hone it to a fine edge.

The two tungsten v-shaped crossed metal blades quickly and safely re-sharpen your knife.

The 004 SturdyMount AccuSharp Knife Sharpener uses open-faced V-shaped blades, and you can permanently mount it on a solid base for greater stability.

Some models have crossed blades and crossed ceramic-coated metal bars you draw the knife through to produce an even finer edge.

The principle is the same for any configuration of V-blade sharpener, whether hand-held or mounted. They all do an excellent job sharpening a dull knife back to cutting perfection.

Sharpening stones

One of the oldest known methods of sharpening a blade is to rub it against hard stone. Manufacturers usually make modern sharpening stones of silicon carbide, Novaculite, or aluminum oxide. Sharpening stones are known as Arkansas, Crystolon, and India stones.

Arkansas stones come from naturally formed stones, while Crystolon and India stones consist of human-made compounds.

In descending order of grit, use Crystolon stones for rough, coarse sharpening. Natural Arkansas stones can be either coarse, fine, or very fine. India sharpening stones are specially engineered to create a very fine edge.

Occasionally, sharpening stones will have diamond dust embedded in them to create a more effective sharpening stone.

Sharpening/honing steels

Finally, we have the favorite of professional chefs and butchers everywhere: the sharpening steel. Ironically, the job of a sharpening steel is not to sharpen your knife.

While some can perform this function to some extent, its primary purpose is to hone a still sharp knife blade to a perfect edge.

Sharpening steels generally come in four types, or “cuts.” They are regular, diamond, combination, and ceramic.

1. Regular cut steels, the most common, are actually made from steel with lengthwise ridges.

2. Diamond steels have diamond dust embedded in them to enhance their performance.

3. Combination cut steel contains both a rough surface for sharpening as well as a smooth surface for final honing of the blades.

4. Ceramic cut usually consists of a metal rod covered in a ceramic coating. You would generally use these for sharpening and also to assist in aligning your knife blade.

Choosing the Right AccuSharp Knife Sharpener for Your Needs

With that in mind, here are the best knife sharpeners available from AccuSharp. We have listed them by type, but are in no particular order, as any one of these will get the job done quickly and accurately. From these, you should be able to find the best AccuSharp knife sharpener for your kitchen easily.

AccuSharp 001 Sharpening Tool

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The 001 sharpening tool is the flagship of the AccuSharp line and a knife sharpener that almost anyone can use! It only takes seconds to sharpen kitchen knives, meat cleavers, camping axes, machetes, and nearly anything with a sharp edge and a handle.

The ergonomic handle will fit in either hand, and the full-length finger guard will protect your fingers. The crossed V-shaped sharpening blades of diamond-honed Tungsten carbide will last for years of use before replacing. Oh, yes, these blades are replaceable. Guaranteed not to rust and it is dishwasher safe.


  • Type: Handheld pull-through
  • Sharpening Surface: Tungsten carbide
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Reviews and pricing

Customers, not surprisingly, praised the ease of use, quality, and low price of the AccuSharp 001. They also were pleased with the replaceable blades and low cost. 

The AccuSharp 001 earned 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and can be found online at prices between $8 and $15.

AccuSharp 004 SturdyMount Knife Sharpener

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The SturdyMount knife sharpener can be used with its included base or mounted to kitchen counters, cutting boards, workbenches, picnic tables, or any other solid surface.

The reversible diamond tungsten carbide blades will provide you with razor-sharp cutlery for 5 to 10 years with regular household use.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the 004 is at home in the kitchen, the campsite, the garage, or the workshop.


  • Type: V-blade
  • Sharpening Surface: Tungsten carbide
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces

Reviews and pricing

Customers liked the versatility of this model. Some stated that they had attached them permanently to the side of their kitchen counters for easy access. 

Rating at a phenomenal 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It can be found online at prices ranging from $8 to $11.

AccuSharp 017 Diamond PRO 2-Step Sharpener

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The Diamond PRO 2-Step features both a pre-angled coarse diamond rod sharpener as well as a pair of fine ceramic rods for creating the perfect edge.

The diamond dust encrusted rods will sharpen virtually any type of steel blades, and the two ceramic rods will hone that steel to a smooth, razor-sharp finish.

Made of brushed aluminum, the Diamond Pro 2-Step includes a built-in rubber molded grip and sturdy rubber feet for stability and safety. It also has a pre-drilled hole for attaching it to a chain or cord.


  • Type: Pull-through
  • Sharpening Surface: Diamond infused rods/ceramic rods
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces

Reviews and pricing

Most customers commented on the portability for camping, and another noted its rugged construction.

Some even praised the styling, and one customer boasted that it worked perfectly for sharpening his swords. 

Earning a rating on Amazon of 4.0 out of 5 stars, you can find the Diamond Pro 2 online at prices ranging between $9 and $14.

Deluxe Tri-Stone System

Why settle for one type of sharpening stone when you can have all three? The AccuSharp Tri-Stone knife sharpening system includes three separate sharpening stones incorporated into one easy-to-use unit.

With this complete system, you will be able to grind, sharpen, and hone virtually any straight edged blade quickly and accurately.

The three sharpening stone system surfaces include a coarse diamond stone, a medium alumina-oxide stone, and a fine ceramic stone.

Measuring 9.4 by 3.9 by 3.5 inches, the Tri-Stone system is a stable and robust unit that also provides simplicity and durability. Because they are all mounted on a rubber-gripped base, they are less likely to slide or move when you are sharpening and honing your blades.

No products found.

The Tri-Stone system can even permanently mount on tables or countertops for increased stability. Also included is an angle guide to ensure you have the optimum cutting edge possible on your blades.


  • Type: Stone
  • Sharpening Surface: Diamond/alumina-oxide/ceramic
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Reviews and pricing

Only 1 Amazon buyer left a review for this knife sharpener, awarding it 5.0 out of 5 stars and leaving the simple recommendation: “You need this in your life.” Online prices for the AccuSharp® Deluxe Tri-Stone System range between $35 and $50 online, depending on where you shop.

AccuSharp Butcher Steel (9 or 14 inches)

Most chefs consider an excellent sharpening steel indispensable for keeping kitchen knives sharp. The AccuSharp Sharpening Steel does the job quickly and safely.

The sturdy grooved steel rod quickly realigns the edge of the hardest kitchen knife in just a few strokes. The AccuSharp® Sharpening Steel is just the thing for the chef in your life to keep all of their kitchen knives honed to a fine edge.

No products found.

Its large, rubber molded handle guarantees a safe and secure grasp and the collar guard protects your hand as you edge your cutlery. The large hole in its handle allows you to hang it anywhere in your cooking space for easy access and storage.

The AccuSharp Steel comes in both a 9-inch and a 14-inch length. Generally, your sharpening steel should be no shorter than your longest knife, although it doesn’t hurt if it is a bit longer.

If it is too short, however, it can become problematic to use it efficiently.


  • Type: Steel
  • Sharpening Surface: Grooved steel
  • Weight: 8 ounces (9-inch) or 16 ounces (14-inch)

Reviews and pricing

Also with only 1 Amazon review of 5.0 out of 5 stars, the one consumer who left comments was pleased with the product’s durability.

Bed Bath & Beyond also features only one full 5-star review on its website for the 9-inch version and an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars for the 14-inch version with only 2 consumer reviews.

Online prices for the AccuSharp Sharpening Steel range between $8 to $12 for the 9-inch steel, and between $15 and $25 for the 14-inch steel.

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener Replacement Blades

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Even the best sharpening blades will eventually get worn with regular use. However, the AccuSharp V-blade systems have replaceable blades that can be exchanged quickly to provide you with top-quality sharpening service once again.

These blades fit all AccuSharp V-blade knife sharpening products. Engineered with the finest American carbide, then diamond honed to a mirror finish.

That guarantees the finest and strongest possible sharpening edge. They are also reversible, like all V-blades, for twice the service.

They are built to last from 5 to 10 years. NOTE: Use caution when replacing these blades as they are very sharp!

Reviews and pricing

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener Replacement Blades are, ironically, available at far more outlets and locations that the sharpeners themselves.

They are available at Ace, TruValue, Walmart, and even Bed Bath and Beyond. Amazon buyers rated them 4.6 out of 5 stars, and you’ll find them priced online between just $4 and $7.

Which AccuSharp Knife Sharpener Is Best for You?

The first step when choosing a knife sharpener is deciding which type you would prefer. Now that you have had a small sample of each design of AccuSharp knife sharpener, we hope that decision will be a bit easier to make.

Do you want the perfection of the Tri-Stone, the simplicity of the 001, the quick two-step, or the old reliable sharpening steel?

Either way, an AccuSharp knife sharpener will keep your cutlery sharp and your cooking prep faster and easier.

If you choose one of these we have presented, please let us know which one and what features convinced you.

If you prefer another kind of knife sharpener, please let us know that, as well. We will use that information in future reviews and evaluations. Stay sharp!

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