10 Best Japanese Kitchen Knives for the 2020 Chef

No tool is more important in the kitchen than a good knife. Selecting that knife is no easy task in today’s marketplace. There are European-style knives, there are stamped knives, forged knives, handmade knives, knives of almost every shape and size and even every color. Serious cooks are interested in high quality knives and like … Read more

Rapala Fillet Knife – Reel in and Fillet Precisely, 2019 Review

rapala fillet knife

Rapala Fillet Knife Comparison Table From preparing a shore lunch to freezing fish fillets for future consumption, you should make sure that you have the best fillet knife available. Your Rapala fillet knife allows you to slice, dice, and perfectly fillet any catch, to the desired specifications. The right blade will make your life easier … Read more

The Ginsu Knife Set: Everything You Need to Know

ginsu knife set: photography of lemon near kitchen knife

Ginsu Knife Set Comparison Table If you love cooking you know that not all knives offer you the same precision and accuracy during prep work. Some knives are crafted with great finesse and outstanding technology, so much so that you can tell from the mere feel, look and balance when slicing tomatoes, chopping carrots or … Read more

Smith’s Knife Sharpener: Everything You Need to Know

smith's knife sharpener: person slicing meat on white chopping board

Learn everything you need to know about one of the oldest and most respected knife sharpening brands out there: Smith’s Knife Sharpener.