Top 10 Best Oyster Shucking Gloves in 2022

A characteristic of oysters (aside from their delicious taste) is their incredibly difficult shells to open.
Getting the oyster shucking knife into the shell takes some skill, and even more to keep it from sliding and stabbing you in the hand.

It’s not the only danger associated with shucking oysters. There are sharp edges on the shells as well. Although you may have opened the oyster, there is still the risk of being sliced by the shell.

If you wear oyster shucking gloves, you can avoid both of these unpleasant situations. As you work with them, your hands will be safe and you will still have enough agility to open the oyster.

With so many options available, choosing the right pair of oyster shucking gloves can be confusing. We have already done all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to!

We’ve listed our favorite oyster shucking gloves below. In addition, we’ve created a super-useful buyer’s guide that’s chock full of information on what to look out for when you’re choosing. 

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The 10 Best Oyster Shucking Glove Reviews:

1. Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set

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Highlighted Features:

  • PLATINUM PROTECTION – Awarded with the EN388 level 5 cut resistance, highest cut resistance level material available on the market. Food safe and machine washable, keeping your gloves clean is easy.
  • PLATINUM PROTECTION – Awarded with the EN388 level 5 cut resistance, highest cut resistance level material available on the market. Food safe and machine washable, keeping your gloves clean is easy.
  • OYSTER KNIFE- 3.5’’ Stainless steel oyster knife with non-slip easy grip handle. Working through a bushel of oysters is simple, its soft handle is shaped to nestle comfortably in your hand. Even better, the handle wont slip as the sturdy, stainless-steel blade with its bent tip penetrates and pries open the toughest shells. The oyster knife is dishwasher safe.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – Using only the best 420-stainless steel, the thick reinforced high-carbon stainless-steel blade has the perfect rigidity and width to powerfully slip between the oyster shells to open them.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Our signature oyster knife looks fabulous on a shelf or on a kitchen counter-top when it is not shucking oysters and also makes an impression as gifts for weddings, groomsmen, golf tournament, corporate affairs or donor appreciation events.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Every oyster shucking set is backed by our lifetime warranty. Place your order with confidence!

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2. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

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With NoCry’s cut-resistant gloves, you can confidently handle any knife, whether it be the giant one, the one you use for everything, the one with the weird holes, or one with no holes at all. Protect yourself and your hands.

These gloves are made of food-safe, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, nylon, polyester, glass fiber, and spandex (for comfort), and are designed to resist cuts and nicks from sharp blades.

Also, we offer gloves that are EN388 Level 5 protected – the highest level of resistance. These gloves are the simplest method to keep your fingers from getting cut other than wearing chain mail.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4x stronger than leather: Our cut resistant, highly durable gloves give you EN388 level 5 cut resistance. In other words, they’re made of the highest level of cut resistant material you can get on the market.
  • 100% food safe: Use your cut resistant gloves when you’re shucking oysters, cutting up your meat for dinner, dicing vegetables, using the potato slicer or the mandolin. Protect your hands, feel like a masterchef and give your hands some extra protection.
  • Ambidextrous: Get a pair of knife resistant gloves that fit either hand perfectly… like a glove. Fab for men, women, kids and everyone responsible enough to handle a knife to slice some vegetables or fillet a fish. And the grip is great too – your gloves won’t slip, fall off or irritate your skin.
  • Machine washable: Done using that onion slicer, chopping up steak meat, dicing the vegetables, grating the carrots or using the mandoline? Taking care of your gloves is easy peasy. Just throw them in the washing machine on cool with some mild detergent then let them drip dry.
  • Perfect for outside the kitchen too: These gloves are great for any job that needs precision like woodworking, whittling and carving. If you’re looking for some multi-purpose work gloves you can use when you’re handling sharp tools, you’ve found them.

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3. Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

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You can handle grater, knives, and mandoline with high protection and good dexterity with your Dowellife cut-resistant gloves.

Hands are protected from blade cutting with EN388 level 5 cut resistant gloves made of food-safe and cut-resistant materials.

Cut-resistant gloves from Dowellife are perfect for use in and out of the kitchen. They can be used as oyster shucking gloves, meat cutting gloves, and wood carving gloves.

A good elastic material and lightweight design make it easy to grip slippery and awkward items with these cut-resistant gloves.

In addition to food and wood, one could grasp firmly mandoline slicers, oyster knives, and wood carving knives.

As a result, you will be able to perform kitchen work and woodworking more easily, accurately, and safely.

Dowellife gloves, compared to chainmail gloves, provide excellent comfort with ultra-thin, soft, and highly elastic material.

The perfect balance between dexterity and protection for woodworking and kitchen work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protect your hand from cuts and abrasions—The high performance cut resistant material HDPE is adopted and the gloves is awarded with the highest EN388:2003 level 5 (EN388:2016 Level C) cut resistance certification. 10 times stronger than normal gloves.
  • Excellent comfort and dexterity to wear and grip— flexible operation, Not too hard, No sliding. The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well.
  • Easy to keep clean and dry— it is hand and machine washable and can be cleaned as kitchen dishwashing towel.
  • More convenient to hang dry and replace— One intimate designed hang ring is fixed on each gloves wrist.
  • Now click the “Add To Cart” button to order to avoid 99% hand accidental injury for your family at kitchen cuts, oyster shucking, meat cutting, butter mandolin, vegetables slicing, fruits peeling, wood carving, carpentry and garden working.

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4. YINENN 2 Pairs ( 4 Gloves ) Cut Resistant Gloves

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Highlighted Features:

  • Highest level EN388 certified 5 cut, chop and laceration protection material
  • Imported
  • Durable Cut Resistant Gloves: Get 2 pairs (4 pcs total) of gloves made with the highest level EN388 certified 5 cut, chop and laceration protection material to protect your hands in a variety of situations. 5 times stronger than leather or universal cut resistant gloves, cutting gloves, knife gloves, wood carving gloves, fish gloves, oyster gloves and so on.
  • Excellent Comfortable: Dexterity to wear and grip with a snug fit for small and large hands, flexible operation, No sliding. The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well.
  • Multiple Uses: Ideal for kitchen use-cutting, slicing, shucking, carving, peeling working with mandoline slicers, knives, cutters, graters. Also perfect for garden, mechanic and construction work, fishing, carpentry woodworking, carving, oyster shucking, and so much more.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: It is hand and machine washable and can be sanitized as kitchen dishwashing towel, and each glove will fit left or right hand. Flexible and soft even after washing.
  • Gloves Sizes Guide: YINENN cut resistant gloves came in 6 different sizes for best fit. It’s recommend to measure your palm diameter and middle finger length (as shown in the 2nd image) to determine your optimal glove size.

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5. Cut Resistant Gloves

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If you are cutting meat and vegetables in the kitchen, or working in workshops, gardens, and other places, the Cut Resistant Gloves are the best protection for you.

Work faster and safer with gloves that fit like a second skin, each cut glove can fit either left or right hand.

Breathe comfortably while performing tasks with our cut-resistant gloves. You’ll perform tasks faster and more accurately while avoiding nicks and cuts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cut Resistant Gloves:It is Cut Resistant Gloves made from level 5 cut resistant material and the gloves is awarded with the highest level 5 cut resistance certification,Provides additional safety to prevent cuts and abrasions, protect your hands from 99% injury
  • Comfort Cutting Gloves:Sizes range from S to XL, superior grip for hands of different shapes and sizes ,excellent comfort and dexterity to wear and grip breathable and lightweight,lexible operation, Not too hard, No sliding. The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well;
  • Easy to Clean kevlar gloves: Keeping your gloves clean is easy,our upgrade safety cutting gloves can be washed by hand and machine washable。But we do recommend to let the gloves drip dry,throwing them into a dryer may cause damage/shrinkage to the microfiber tech that is instilled in each glove;
  • Multifunction Kitchen Gloves:Cut Resistant Gloves suitable for are meat cuttin processing, mandolin slicers and peelers, great for oyster shucking, butchering,wood carving, garage working, yard working, dealing with broken glassnd More;
  • Excellent Service:We’re so confident that you’ll love our cut resistant gloves. If there are any issues, simply reach out to us, we will provide you with perfect after sales service,24- hour service support before purchasing and after sales!

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6. Herda 2.0 Upgraded Level 9 Cut Resistant Gloves

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Adjustable wrist band for Stable Protection

With their thin, soft, and highly elastic material, Herda steel mesh gloves with adjustable bands offer excellent comfort for chefs, butchers, men, and women.

Pure stainless steel wire weaving for Breath

Metal mesh gloves are made from food-safe materials and have the highest level of cut resistance. The stainless steel braid design is also comfortable and allows the glove to breathe so you can use it longer! Your hands will stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Easy to clean by dishwasher, free your hand

Wash your hands with water and soap while wearing work gloves. Cut-resistant gloves can also be washed in the dishwasher. If they are heavily polluted, please soak them in warm water before washing them.

Highlighted Features:

  • 【You Can Get 3 gloves】 1PCS stainless steel wire cut-resistant glove and 2PCS white nylon gloves. The nylon gloves fit your hands better, and the adjustable wrist buckle fits your wrist better, which will make you feel more comfortable when using it. Note: Please confirm the size when purchasing.
  • 【Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove】 Anti-cutting gloves are made of high-strength polyethylene fiber and stainless steel wire woven. The wire weaving density is adjusted to have a higher cutting level than other gloves. Protect your hands from scratches and cuts, bring better protection to your hands and save more time.
  • 【Easy to Clean】 After using our cutting gloves, you can wear gloves and wash your hands normally or put them in the dishwasher to make your work easier without worrying about disturbing your precious rest time. The steel mesh is woven and breathable, allowing you to keep your hands dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • 【Wide use】 Food-grade metal mesh materials are absolutely safe for food and can directly contact food. It is suitable for cutting meat, fishing, oyster shelling in the kitchen, or for gardening, machinery, wood carving, fishing, and construction work. It is an excellent protection device for your daily life.
  • 【Best Gift】A variety of sizes, suitable for men’s and women’s cut-resistant gloves, very suitable for Christmas, Thanksgiving, an ideal gift for father, mother, or friends. Guarantee: If you have any questions about our cutting gloves, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best service and solve your problems.
  • 【How to wear】1. wear the white glove first. 2. then wear the metal glove. 3. adjust the wrist strap. Notice: all the gloves are universal left and right hands.

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7. OriStout Cut Resistant Gloves

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Power grip and oil resistance are provided by the 0.5 mm foam nitrile sandy palm coating. Despite its flexibility and permeability, nitrile material does not peel off.


Features enhanced tribological behavior and balanced dexterity as a result of 13G UHMWPE and basalt liners. Long wearing thumb crotch.


Tablet or phone can be used with the smart touch-screen design. Dark colors hide dirt and grime. Additionally, the wrist cuffs are made of UHMWPE.


Ideal for both HEAVY and LIGHT duty jobs: Mechanics, Construction workers, gardeners, woodworkers, warehouse workers, auto mechanics, HVAC, carpenters, metalworkers, resin workers, and carvers.

Highlighted Features:

  • 【INDUSTRY GRADE ANTI CUT】Meet ANSI cut level 6 and EN 388:2016 4X43F standards, which performs excellent cut abrasion and puncture resistance. Provide stronger hand protection in metal stamping, fabrication, glass handling, HVAC, mechanic and construction than cut resistant work gloves in lower level.
  • 【OUTSTANDING MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE】Made of 13G UHMWPE and basalt liners which have enhanced tribological behaviors and balanced dexterity. 0.5 mm foam nitrile sandy palm coating with double dipping tech provides power grip and oil resistance under damp or oily environment.
  • 【DESIGNED FOR LONGER AND EASIER LIFE】Reinforced protection between the thumb and index prevents tearing -Premium nitrile material provides flexibility and permeability without peeling off. Touchscreen friendly to free your hands, no need to take the safety work gloves off when you switch from work to screen operation.
  • 【PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM CUT INJURIES】If your work encounters sharp blades, objects, and edges, like woodworking, glass cutting, metalworking, package and cardboard handling, gardening, fishing, whittling, you will need this A6 work gloves. Ideal for Industries including construction, electrical, warehouse, retail, postal delivery.
  • 【ALL FOR YOUR SAFETY】THESE WORK GLOVES ARE CUT RESISTANT, NOT CUT PROOF. DO NOT USE WHEN THERE IS A RISK OF ENTANGLEMENT BY MOVING PARTS OF MACHINES OR TOOLS. The cutting resistance level is based on tests by TDM Method, which moves a blade across the palm of gloves(more details please check ANSI/ISEA 105-2016).

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8. Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove Food Grade

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With your Dowellife cut-resistant gloves, you can maintain high dexterity and protection while handling graters, knives, and mandolines without worry of injury to your hands.

The mesh metal gloves are made of food safe and highest-quality cut-resistant material, as well as stainless steel wire, and provide ANSI level 9 cut protection for your hands.

Highlighted Features:

  • ANSI level 9 protection from cuts and abrasions—Made of 316L stainless steel and anti-cutting HDPE wire, the cut resistant glove is awarded with the highest ANSI level 9 cut resistance certification and will keep you away from injured of knife cutting, slicing, shucking, peeling.
  • Wear resistant and food safe—The steel wire is wrapped in the composite fiber (anti cutting PE and elastic yarn) by wrapping process, which will enhance the durability and comfort property of gloves. The material is food safe and suitable for food processing.
  • Fit and comfort—The metal glove comes with an extra soft nylon glove and an adjustable buckle. The nylon glove is used an inner glove to increase comfort, and the buckle can make your wrist fit more closely together. The single glove can be worn in the left hand or in the right.
  • Easy to keep clean—The glove is hand and machine washable as kitchen dishwashing towel. One intimate designed hang ring is fixed on each glove wrist.
  • Now click the “Add To Cart” button to order to avoid 99% hand accidental injury for your family at kitchen cuts, oyster shucking, meat cutting, butter mandolin, vegetables slicing, fruits peeling, wood carving, carpentry and knife working.

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9. TAIROAD Level 9 Cut Resistant Gloves

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Cutting with blades is effectively protected with our cut-resistant gloves made with pure steel weaving, caring for your hands.

Easy to use

Using the TPU adjustable buckle, you can adjust the tightness to your preferences.

It is more comfortable to wear white gloves because they have an inner lining that prevents cuts.

Easy to cleaning

You should wash for five minutes in warm water not exceeding 50 degrees.

If it is heavily polluted, please soak for 10 minutes before washing.

Directly washable in dishwashers.

Keep the cutting glove in a dark, dry place indoors

Highlighted Features:

  • 【Stronger Cutting Protection】These are Level 9 hand-protection gloves, will protect your hand when you slicing meat and other food. our cutting glove is 16 times stronger than general gloves.what’s more,we add anti-cutting rope in the stainless steel gloves, more safety when you use it.
  • 【Widely-Used】Our cut resistant glove can use with security defense, meat slicing, wood canceling, fish catching,carving crafts etc. you can use it contact food directly, great safety kitchen tool for the people who likes cooking in kitchen.
  • 【White Glove & Cut Glove Set】 You will get one white nylon glove and one cut resistant glove in the package. white gloves need to wear inside the cutting gloves. The inner lining of white gloves is soft and breathable , you will feeling more comfortable to wear it.
  • 【Excellent Kitchen Safety Tool 】 These cut gloves are great for any job that needs precision, like woodworking, whittling and carving. construction, gardening, shop working, dishwashing. utility butcher gloves for men, women, ladies and children.
  • 【Perfect Gift Choice】TAIROAD cut resistant glove is an ideal gift for father, mother or friends. bring you strong hand protect in safety working. we offer 12 month warranty, if you have any question please contact us without hesitation.

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10. 1 Pair Level 9 Cut Resistant Gloves Stainless Steel Cut Proof Gloves

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As practical gift

These gloves for meat cutting can be prepared for backup or sent to friends, mothers, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors as useful gifts, improving your relationship with them and bringing convenience to them. Gloves like these can make handling meat in the kitchen easier or work more comfortably.

Simple to wear and take off

It is convenient and easy to put on and take off these woodworking gloves, which are designed with buckles, making them both functional and clever.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enough to Use: there are 2 sets of cut proof gloves in this package, each set contains 1 piece of cut resistant glove and 1 piece of black glove to wear inner, sufficient in quantity and reliable in quality, enough for you to use and replace in work or daily life
  • Cut Proof and Serviceable to Use: the chainmail gloves is made of stainless steel and cut proof HDPE thread, serviceable and dependable, not easy to break, wear or tear, coming from delicate workmanship, resistant to cutting, which can bring you a long term and satisfactory using experience
  • Protect Hands and Fit Well: these butcher gloves feature nice performance, feasible to keep you away from being cut by pointed blades, enhancing safety; Besides, these cutting gloves come with soft nylon gloves for comfort wearing, and adjustable buckles on the wrist let you adjust according to your actual demands for a better fit
  • Simple to Care: these cutting gloves for chefs are well made to use, not easy to rust and corrode, easy for you to clean with water, and they can even be applied in dishwashers, don’t take up too much time, can be applied many times
  • Where to Apply: these oyster shucking glove for kitchen have a wide range of applications, you can use them in the kitchen for chopping vegetables, slicing meat, shucking oysters and so on; In addition, they are suitable for gardening, construction sites, wood working, machinery, large meat slaughterhouses and other scenes

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Best Oyster Shucking Gloves Buying Guide

Making sure you find the best oyster shucking gloves for your needs the first time around will help you save time and money.


When choosing oyster shucking gloves, you need to consider what material they are made from.

You need them to protect your hands from sharp blades, but still be lightweight so you can work dexterously.

Material choices include polyethylene, nylon, polyester, glass fiber, and spandex (or a combination). Our materials are designed to be extremely strong without being heavy.

In addition, they are breathable. As a result, you can work for a longer period of time without getting your hands too sweaty. In a busy, hot kitchen, this is particularly essential.

Level 5 Cut Resistance

We have chosen our choices above based on their “Level 5 Cut Resistance”. How does that work?

In order to determine how resistant a blade is to cutting, different weights are placed on the blade and the distance the blade goes into the glove before piercing the skin is determined. Cutting resistance Level 5 is the highest possible.

If you don’t wear these gloves while shucking oysters, there’s a greater chance that the knife will slip and you’ll ruin the oyster.

Your hands are well protected if you wear gloves with a level 5 cut resistance.

We offer gloves that are EN388 rated. This is the highest rating possible and complies with the International Health and Safety Regulations.

Simply put, if your oyster shucking gloves have an EN388 rating, you can rest assured that your hands are protected as you work.


Since sizes can vary between brands of clothing and accessories, it’s important to choose the right size of oyster shucking gloves for your hands. You can do this easily by checking the size chart that appears alongside each listing.

As well as making sure you’re comfortable while working, there’s more to it than just comfort.

While shucking oysters, gloves that are too big will slide around your hands. When this happens, the knife is more likely to slip.

Make sure the size is right before you buy. Please return gloves for a different size if they aren’t the right fit when they arrive.


Shucking oysters can be a messy business between seawater and shell splinters! This is why it’s important to choose oyster shucking gloves that can be easily cleaned. 

As a result, they don’t only smell foul over time, but there’s no bacterial buildup that might cause food poisoning as well.

When cleaning oyster shucking gloves, the best option is to put them in the washing machine. Choosing a pair that is machine-washable is always a good idea.

In addition, you can sterilize and clean them much more thoroughly than if you were to wash them by hand.

Price & Warranty

Finally, it’s a good idea to set a budget when you’re shopping for oyster shucking gloves.

There isn’t much of a difference in price between brands, but you may find that you can save yourself a few dollars by looking at features rather than being drawn in by a brand name.

A good idea is to check what kind of warranty your gloves come with.

It’s nice to know you can replace them if something goes wrong because some have lifetime warranties.

In addition, the longer a warranty lasts, the more confident you can be in the quality of the product. 

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