Top 10 Best Quiche Pans in 2022

The office breakfast party wouldn’t be complete without quiche… everyone’s favorite. It’s important that you don’t fumble with your quiche, since the quality will determine how well you’re received. 

In all seriousness, you need a great chef and you need excellent ingredients for a perfect quiche. However, the quiche pan makes all the difference in how these delicious breakfast tarts turn out. 

With these quiche pans, you will be able to impress friends, family, and coworkers with a delicious quiche, which comes in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every baker’s needs. 

This quiche pan is sure to satisfy your grumpy in-law or boss who is considering a promotion!

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The 10 Best Quiche Pan Reviews:

1. RICHSC-PAN Non-Stick Removable Loose Bottom Carbon Steel 9In Tart Pan

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Easy Demolding

A removable bottom is included with the 9.5 inch tart pan as well as the 3.5 inch tart pan, which makes the finished product more attractive and convenient to demold.

Easy to demould and easy to clean

A modern technology is used in ours. It is easy to demolish and clean because it has a three-layer non-stick coating on both sides.

Adapt to various scenarios

If you give a beautiful baking tool to a baking novice or pastry master, they will be delighted. One of the best choices for tart pie pans is the multiple optional sizes, not only for meeting the needs of different family gatherings, but also as a perfect gift for friends and family.

Highlighted Features:

  • 【HIGH QUALITY】: RICHSC-PAN non-stick pan 9-inch detachable pie pan with loose bottom is made of heavy-duty carbon steel structure and high-quality non-stick coating, which is not easy to leak and is easy to take out. The quiche pan is a must-have for families and parties.
  • 【DURABLE & RELIABLE DESIGN】: The fluted sides of the tart pan increase the surface area, which in turn creates a strong crust capable of holding and containing the heavy ingredients of a quiche or a fruit tart. Non-stick coating and detachable base provides easy release and clean-up.
  • 【FIT HOT & COLD】: RICHSC-PAN tart pan is suitable for both the refrigerator and the oven. Minimum temperature -104¨H(-40¡æ), maximum temperature 445¨H (230¡æ), heated by evenly frozen. Non-corrosive, stain-resistant and Dishwasher available for easy maintenance.
  • 【IDEAL HOME & KITCHEN ACCESSORY】: RICHSC-PAN tart pie pan is perfect for creating creamy pumpkin pie, pineapple pie, apple pie, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, pizza and other delicious desserts. Make your baking process fun and let everyone expect the party to come!
  • 【BEST GIFT CHOICES】: Whether it’s baking novices or pastry masters, receiving a beautiful baking tool will make them happy. The RICHSC-PAN tart pie pan is one of the best choices. The multiple optional sizes, sturdy features and high quality craftsmanship make it easy happy for everyone who receives it. This is a perfect gift for family and friends. VEETGG

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2. Ceramic Quiche Baking Dish Pan

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Traditional Classic Tart Pan: Great for baking fruit tarts, apple pies, cheesecakes, casseroles, macaroni and meat pies, as well as other baked items.

A high-quality porcelain is used for the Pie Pan Set which can withstand temperatures up to 500°F in the oven. Also safe for dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers.

Package contains two.

Diameter: 9.5″ and depth: 1.4″.

Dimensions are 11.5″ x 2.5″.

Highlighted Features:

  • VERSATILE DISH PAN – Quiche Pans with 9.5″ in outer edge diameter and 1.8″ deep great for VERSATILE DISH PAN – Quiche Pans with 9.5″ in outer edge diameter and 1.8″ deep great for preparing, serving, and baking such as pie, pizza, fruit tart, crustless quiche, chicken pot, cheesecake.
  • FLUTED RIM DESIGN – Tart pans with its white, round and fluted edges, deep enough sides to prevent spills. Unique design creates eye-catching at table and visually appeasing delicacies.
  • HIGH QUALITY PORCELAIN – Sturdy baking pan made by white glazed porcelain (Lead-free and Non-toxic) and tolerate up to 500°F. Freezer, microwave, oven, broiler and dishwasher safe.
  • EASY CLEAN & STACKBLE – Ceramic pie pan Interior and exterior is very smooth due to the glazed coating, which makes them easy to clean by hand or dishwasher, These dishes set can stack steadily and saves much space in cabinets.
  • GREAT GIFT CHOICE – Ceramic bakeware Dish, Set of 2, Great addition to your tableware at home.Ideal Gift Item for Friends or Family.

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3. Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart Pan and Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom

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In addition to their superior nonstick performance, Wilton premium nonstick bakeware offers superior serving convenience, elegant designs, and superior nonstick performance to provide baking satisfaction to their customers.

They feature heavy-gauge steel frames that prevent warping. In addition, they are easy to clean. Also includes a recipe!

Highlighted Features:

  • Recipe included
  • Reinforced non-stick coating is durable and offers superior release and easy clean-up
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heavy-duty steel construction prevents warping

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4. Webake 4 Inch Mini Tart Pan Set

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Highlighted Features:

  • Dimension of Webake small tart pans: 4 inch diameter x 0.75 inch depth. Package: You will get 6 mini tart molds.
  • Quality: Made of thickened 0.6mm heavy carbon steel and food-grade quality non-stick coating for durable uses.
  • Removable Bottom: loose base provides easy release for cooling and decorating.
  • Easy to Clean: Non-stick coating will be cleaned easily. Dishwasher Friendly: You can also put it in the dishware and release your hands!
  • Perfect for mini tart baking, or making mini cheesecake, chocolate tarts, tartlet, quiches and other delicious desserts. Good choice for the party preparation and home baking.

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5. Yamteck 11 Inch 9 Inch Round Tart Pans

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Both the 11/9/4 inch tart pans have a removable bottom, which is convenient for demolding and makes the finished product more complete and beautiful.


Their non-stick surface is coated with a unique Xylan series coating from Whittford, and they are spray-coated with a Plantinum-3X double-sided three-layer process, making them easy to remove from the mold and easy to clean. Coating is PTFE/PFOA/BPA free.

It is hard to hurt your hands because the edge is crimped


Maintains consistent taste, color, and maturity.

Low energy consumption, faster heating, less cooking time: Save your time and money

Strong and durable: Made from heavy-duty carbon steel, our tart pan is stronger and more durable than aluminum and has excellent thermal conductivity.

The baking temperature should not exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit

Highlighted Features:

  • Removable Bottom for Easy Demolding. Both the 11/9/4 inch tart pans have a removable bottom, which is convenient for demolding and makes the finished product more complete and beautiful. The non-stick surface of those tart pans adopt the Xylan series coating of the American coating brand Whittford, and the Plantinum-3X double-sided three-layer spraying process, which make it easy to demould and easy to clean. Coating is PTFE/PFOA/BPA free.
  • Multiple Sizes Can Make Different Types of Tarts. 11 inch tart pan: 11*1.2in (28*3cm); 9 inch tart pan: 9.4*1.2in (24*3cm);4 inch tart pan: 3.94*0.8in(10*2cm) . You can make suitable size of pies/tarts/quiches you want, perfect for making delicious desserts like chocolate tarts, mini cake, tartlet, quiche and other. You can make a great Father’s Day Tart.
  • High-quality Materials, Strong & Durable. Used heavy-duty carbon steel material, our tart pan is stronger and more durable than aluminum material, and also has good thermal conductivity. Non-stick coating make it easy to clean. The edge of the product has been carefully polished to make it smooth to prevent cutting hands and safer to use.
  • How to Use and Maintain In Order to Extend the Service Life? It is best to wash by hand rather than in a dishwasher. In addition, do not use steel wire balls to brush the surface, which will damage the surface coating. The recommended operating temperature should not exceed 500°F (260°C)
  • PACKAGE & GUARANTEE. 1 * 11in Round Tart Pan, 1 * 9in Round Tart Pans, 2 * 4in Round Tart Pans. We are aim to provide our customers an outstanding service and make sure you are completely well-pleasing with your purchase. If you are not happy with what you get, just contact us directly for a replacement or a full refund (even if outside the Amazon return window).

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6. Carbon Steel Deep-dish Pie Pan with Removable Loose Bottom

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Highlighted Features:

  • 【Size】: 11 × 11 × 2.1 IN. Two tart pans of the same size in the set allow you to make two tarts at once, which is very suitable for party preparation and parties when there are more people.
  • 【Durable Coating】: Non-stick, non-toxic, BPA-free coating and a removable loose bottom make the tart pan very easy to clean and easy to detach. Safe baking utensils to ensure the high quality of food, so you can eat with pleasure, with confidence!
  • 【Notice】: Dishwasher safe but still recommended to wash by hand with warm soapy water and dry the surface moisture in time after each cleaning to avoid rusting. Also do not contact strong acidic substances for a long time when using for the first time.
  • 【Multi-purpose】: This pie pan is suitable for making tarts, pies, pizzas, muffins, brownies, quiches, etc. Able to adapt to all kinds of scenarios, heat resistant from -40℉ to 446℉, microwave and refrigerator safe.It’s also the perfect gift option. If you have friends around who love to bake, this is definitely a great choice for them!
  • 【Too Wet Batter May Cause Leakage】 Avoid moving the bottom at will before baking and be careful of removable. Also do not use sharp objects to scrape the surface of the quiche pan as this may cause the coating to peel off.

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7. DATANYA 8 Pack Mini Tart Pans 4 Inch with Removable Bottom Round Nonstick Quiche Pan

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Highlighted Features:

  • 【LARGE FLUTED EDGES】This 4 INCH TART PANS fluted made from heavy duty carbon steel materials, non-stick, cute, classy and chic fluted edges and perfect for creating individually-sized desserts. 8 pieces one set, sufficient quantity with a red silicone brush for you to have a very pleasant baking time.
  • 【REMOVABLE BOTTOM】DATANYA MINI TART PANS feature false bottom for easy operation, they made perfect , sturdy shells that popped out easily with the removable bottoms.and didn’t affect the appearance of the tarts, made it easy to create a fancy dessert.
  • 【EASY CLEANING】Each quiche tart pan with non-stick surface. These metal quiche pans bake evenly and didn’t stick to the pan, It is recommended to brush a layer of oil before use for better demoulding. They didn’t even look like they need to be cleaned. All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • 【PERFECT SIZE for LITTLE TREAT】The mini pie pan works wonderfully, great for fruit tarts, little quiches, small pies, pecan tarts, mini lemon tarts, little pecan pies, cheesecakes and etc. It is especially easy to make a variety of small tarts.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATION】The 4 inch tart pans with removable bottom not only popular in our everyday life, but also suitable for restaurants, bakeries, buffets, gifts of formal occasions, like Wedding, Christmas, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday Party, Friends Entertainment, Housewarming Celebration and etc.

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8. Webake 9.5 Inch Tart Pan Heavy Duty Quiche Pan Removable Bottom Nonstick

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Highlighted Features:

  • Size of Webake round loose bottom tart mold: 9.5 Inch X 8.2 Inch X 2.2 Inch.
  • Made of durable heavy duty carbon steel with exclusive premium non-stick coating, quick release and easy clean up.
  • Working temperature up to 446℉/ 230°C, perfect for oven baking, and dishwasher friendly.
  • Removable bottom for easy release and quick cooling. Extra deep design is great for baking family stuffing pie, 9.5 Inch tart or quiche.
  • Any questions with our extra deep tart baking pan, please just feel free to contact us!

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9. Tosnail 9.5″ x 2″ Nonstick Tart Pan Quiche Pan Pie Pan with Removable Bottom

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Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 9.5″ (24 cm) top dia. x 8.25″ (21 cm) bottom dia. x 2″ (5 cm) deep.
  • Constructed of durable carbon steel with nonstick coating for effortless release.
  • Drop out bottom for easy and quick cooling and removal. Dishwasher Safe! Hand wash recommend.
  • Attractive fluted edges that produces a beautiful quiche.
  • Great for quiche, tart, pizza, pie, cake making. Good choice for the party preparation and home baking.

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10. ONTUBE Pie Pans- 11 Inches Ceramic Quiche Pans

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Highlighted Features:

  • 【Lagre And Set of 2】 – ONTUBE Quiche Pan is 11″L*11″W*1.8″H, Set of 2. They are stackable, so they are large in size without taking up a lot of space, They are suitable for fruit pies, quiche, pot pies etc.
  • 【Ceramic material】- ONTUBE Quiche Pan are made of ceramic material. Compared with stainless steel and silica gel, the ceramic material is lead-free, easy to clean, and shows bright characteristics.
  • 【Safety】- ONTUBE Quiche Pan are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe, and they are also very suitable for hand washing. The ruffle design has a certain anti-scalding and anti-slip effect.
  • 【Gift Set】- ONTUBE Quiche Pan are suitable for family gatherings, cafes, restaurants and other different places. It is also very suitable as a gift for others.
  • 【ONTUBE Service】- Ceramics are fragile products. We use absolute packaging to cooperate with Amazon’s professional delivery, so please rest assured that the goods will be delivered to you safely, and we also provide a professional service attitude.

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Best Quiche Pans Buying Guide

Consider these factors when choosing a pan for quiche.

There are many sizes and shapes of quiche pans. The shape is dependent upon what you prefer. 

A quiche pan can be made from metal, ceramic, glass or even silicone. You cannot bake quiches in all types of pans.

The material, size, shape, and removable bottom of the quiche pan are all factors that affect the baking process.


Quiche pans can be made from a variety of materials. Cast iron and enamel coated cast iron are most commonly used for this purpose because they can provide uniform heat distribution and retain heat longer than other materials.

If aluminum is not properly treated after repeated use over an open flame, it can warp if heat isn’t conducted quickly and distributed evenly. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, aluminum is a good material to use in quiche pans.

It is common to cook quiches at high temperatures ranging from 400°F to 450°F, similar to baking cookies or cakes.

It is best to avoid placing dishes that require long baking times close to oven walls because they can retain heat longer. Your dish will be affected by this.

As a result, consider bakeware materials that are heat-distribution and heat-retention friendly in order to maximize its efficiency, even when placed near walls.


Choosing the right size quiche pan is necessary if you plan to serve a large number of people. An 8-inch quiche pan can serve 1 or up to 6 people, while a 9-inch pie dish has a top diameter of 9 inches.

Quiche pans of this type are also great for preparing salads, bruschetta, and edamame hummus as appetizers. There may not be enough crust when baked in a 10-inch pan, but you have more servings.

In order to prevent sogginess caused by excess moisture in the filling, you should bake the pan on pie dough or purchase additional dough separately.


The heat will be evenly distributed when baking a quiche in a round pan with shallow sides. As opposed to square quiche pans, square egg dishes are best prepared in quiche pans.

Consider using a round quiche pan with deeper sides if you plan on serving it as a main dish. The shape of your pan and how many servings you want to prepare can also determine whether you use oval, rectangular, or square pans.

Removable Bottom

The removable bottoms of some bakeware products currently available make cleaning and removal easier than those without them.

Metal oven racks may be solid or perforated. They do not need to have elaborate designs, although this can be annoying when trying to remove hot objects from the oven.

Most often, it is better to buy products made of durable materials, such as enameled cast iron or steel, instead of those that have silicone or plastic parts that can easily be damaged.

In a good quality bakeware, regardless of its price, both function and appearance should be the same.


The shapes and sizes of bakeware products vary. As well as aluminum and stainless steel, they can also be made of enamel coated cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel.

You can even find some sets with accessories like measuring cups and spoons that make cooking a lot of fun and easier. Every set of bakeware typically costs between $20 and $120, depending on how you plan to use it: whether you plan to use it to make only quiches or for cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other goodies.

Additionally, there are pieces included in a set that can be purchased separately. Items such as a removable bottom tart pan, muffin pans, and mini loaf pans can be helpful when making desserts or quick breads.

If you wish to purchase the best quiche pan then consider the factors mentioned above to help you make an informed decision.


At the end of the day, our favorite quiche pan belongs to HIC Harold Import Co.

If you treat this Best Quiche Pan properly, you will be able to get years of use out of it. Although it may not be the cheapest on the market, it is a very high-quality pan.

You don’t have to worry about your delicate crust getting stuck in crevices or falling off during baking since it has a porcelain coating. It also comes with an excellent warranty, so you can be assured that your purchase will last a long time.

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