Top 10 Best Rolling Pin for Pasta in 2022

The most popular food in the world is pasta. Despite being filling and so tasty, it is not overly indulgent. The dish is extremely versatile. Because there are simply too many pasta dishes around, anyone would find it difficult to name all of them.

Nevertheless, homemade pasta is the best. Making your pasta from scratch is what we mean by homemade. Store-bought pasta is never close to this kind, I can assure you.

So which rolling pin is best for pasta? Ideally, you want one without a handle. While French rolling pins are great, we prefer the beechwood version without a tapered edge.

So, if you want to elevate your pasta experience, take a good look at our recommendations for the top 5 rolling pins for pasta. As you may not be aware, this seemingly insignificant kitchen tool plays an essential role in making pasta.

Continue reading to find out which one we recommend. We’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide for rolling pins for pasta, so you’ll know what to look for.

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The 10 Best Rolling Pin for Pasta Reviews:

1. French Rolling Pin (18 Inches)

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Highlighted Features:

  • Solid Wood Construction: This rolling pin is made from solid rubber wood for required durability and long-lasting use. This rolling pin is suitable to sustain every day, heavy-duty use in the home, as well as restaurants.
  • French Inspired Design: This wood rolling pin has a classic, timeless and original Europeans design. It looks so elegant that you will love displaying in your kitchen for everyone to see. French rolling pin works excellent with non-stick silicone baking mats and granite or marble countertops.
  • Perfect Size: This heavy-duty rolling pin measures 18 inches in length, making it easy to store in kitchen drawers and cabinets. You can use pastry rolling pin to roll homemade pizza dough, fondants, cookie dough, bread, braids, and much more.
  • Functional Design: The tapered design enables better control as you roll the dough. You will be able to roll more easily and with minimum effort. This dough rolling pin has a smooth surface with no crevices where the dough can stick or create a mess.
  • Easy to Clean & Care: This tapered rolling pin cleans like a dream. Because of its non-stick surface, the dough does not stick to the rolling pin. Cleaning will be as easy as wiping down with a damp or wet cloth. You can bring back the beautiful wood finish by wiping it with mineral oil.

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2. Fox Run White Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Cradle

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Do you like to bake cookies with your family or roll out your own pizza dough? With this White Marble Rolling Pin, you’ll be able to bake more easily!

It has a wooden base, a wooden handle, nylon ball bearings, and wooden ball bearings for smooth rolling. It measures 10 inches long.

While rolling, the marble preserves the dough’s coolness and prevents it from sticking to the rolling pin.

The dough can be flattened effortlessly even if it is very tough. Roll this rolling pin to make your life easier. It’s smooth and hefty.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 inch long
  • Made of beautiful and durable white marble
  • Cool and smooth surface with natural non-stick properties
  • Includes comfortable wood handles and resting base
  • Features nylon ball bearings for very smooth rolling

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3. Chef Verde Mattarello – Long Pasta Rolling Pin

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Highlighted Features:

  • The Chef Verde Mattarello is a long rolling pin for rolling fresh sheets of pasta.
  • Mattarello is made of Italian hardwood for rolling the perfect sheet of pasta.
  • Meticulously crafted to roll true to ensure each pasta sheet you roll is completely uniform.
  • Each mattarello includes a light canvas bag

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4. Beech Wood 7mm Fettuccine Pasta

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Wooden Pasta Maker Wooden Spaghetti Pasta Cutter 7mm Fettuccine Pasta Cutter Noodles Lattice Rolling Pin Pasta Spaghetti Maker Kitchen Cooking Tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • 【EASY TO USE】- Use these Beech Wood Pasta Cutter rolling pins on rolled out pasta to cut them quickly into strips of 7mm Fettuccine Pasta Cutter .
  • 【ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY 】- Beech wood is a highly durable and renewable material that grows naturally strong. Pure material holder will be durable in use through our excellent craft!
  • 【PRODUCT SIZE】 – 7mm Fettuccine Spaghetti Rolling Pin Dimensions: Total length of rolling pin 33cm, Cutting surface length 17cm, Diameter 3.9cm.
  • 【HANDWASH ONLY】 – 7mm Fettuccine Pasta Cutter Rolling Pin Pasta Cutter not suitable for the dishwasher. Hand wash only.
  • 【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】 – Great for making homemade pasta without any machines. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to us and we will solve any issues you may have. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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5. Pasta rolling pins

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Highlighted Features:

  • 5 hardwood mini pins, all handmade
  • Each piece a different, contrasting wood choice
  • 4 solid brass ferro, different sizes and shapes for specialty shapes
  • Linen case included!

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6. Handcrafted Mattarello – Pasta Making Rolling Pin

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It is made with traditional Italian methods using wood from the United States and craftsmanship from the United States. We use only the highest quality hardwoods from the U.S.

Following that, it is meticulously designed to roll true so that every pasta sheet you roll will be uniform. As a final step, we apply food grade mineral oil to ensure that each Mattarello lasts for years.

If you follow the care instructions that come with each Mattarello, your Mattarello will last a lifetime.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hand-crafted traditional pasta rolling pin made of kiln-dried american hardwood and treated with food grade mineral oil.
  • Every Chef Verde Mattarello is made using traditional italian methods using local wood and craftsmanship available in the United States.
  • Meticulously crafted to roll true to ensure each pasta sheet you roll is completely uniform.
  • Each Mattarello includes a light canvas bag.
  • Made in USA of domestic hardwood

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7. The Original Straight Rolling Pin

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Is your dough getting out of control? Rolling dough for your recipe is easier with the straight rolling pin design. The dough rolls right under your fingers. Made out of solid beech wood.

The Original Straight Rolling Pin is a perfect addition to your home and kitchen. Whatever you’re making, from a healthy meal to a decadent dessert, we guarantee durability and a smooth texture.

Easy storage in any pantry or cabinet is ensured by the sleek and economical design.

No matter if you’re Julia Child or Gordon Ramsey, you can use the Original Straight Rolling Pin. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of our products.

Please send it back if the rolling pin does not perform as expected. Buy now and save some dough.

Highlighted Features:

  • SMOOTH ROLL, EVERY TIME. 100% solid beech wood french rolling pin with tapered ends for easy-to-roll functionality
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, NON-STICK TECHNOLOGY. Tapered design enables better control and feel of the dough as you roll, all while requiring less effort with it’s non-stick technology
  • FRENCH STYLE. Quality smooth construction ensures ease of use and durability, with this original European design having a timeless quality to it
  • PERFECT SIZE. 18 inch length makes it easy to store anywhere in your kitchen, while being the perfect size for rolling out cookie dough, pizza dough, rolls, and more
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. We stand by our products and offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the life of the product

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8. Aisoso Extra Long Thickened Rolling Pin for Baking

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Highlighted Features:

  • PREMIUM SOLID WOOD – The whole rolling pin is made of natural original wood, it has no paint, no wax, no burrs and no cracking unlike other beech wood on the market
  • FINE WORKMANSHIP – Every wooden rolling pin’s non stick surface is finely polished and sanded for superb handhold feeling, never worrying about hurting your hands
  • PERFECT SIZE – Length: 17.7 inch, Diameter: 1.38 inch, perfect for making fondant, pie crust, cookie, bread, pizza, noodles, dumplings and other dough
  • MULTIPLE USE – Our well made rolling pin can not only be used to roll dough, make it more bouncy and chewy; the arc design at both ends can also be used to mash garlic, herbs, spices, etc.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Hand wash, wipe with a damp cloth, dry promptly thoroughly before storing for best results

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What to Look For When Buying A Rolling Pin for Pasta?

The majority of people don’t seem to realize that choosing a rolling pin comes with nuances.

There are different types of rolling pins just as there are different types of kitchen equipment. Because of this, we have compiled this convenient, succinct buyer’s guide to help you choose the rolling pin for pasta that best suits your needs. 

Different Shapes

Most people believe that rolling pins are all shaped similarly.

Rolling pins are categorized into three main categories: tapered rolling pins, straight rolling pins, and handles.

It can make all the difference to choose the right rolling pin shape as there are subtle differences between them.

  • Tapered rolling pins – This is the rolling pin of choice when working with pastry and yeasted dough. This is because, as its name suggests, the pin has tapered ends which make everything easier to grip and maneuver around your workspace. It also gives you some level of flexibility as you get more aggressive with the dough that naturally springs back into place. 
  • Straight rolling pins – On the other hand, if you want uniformity in your dough then it is best that you go with a straight rolling pin. Its shape and construction let you apply pressure evenly regardless of the thickness of your dough. 
  • Rolling pins with handles – When it comes to optimal grip and comfort, rolling pins with handles are hard to beat. However, it can be a bit cumbersome and may make it more difficult to apply the high levels of pressure needed to roll out a thick dough. 

It is highly recommended that you use a straight rolling pin for rolling pasta for your purposes. In order to cut your pasta into the desired shapes, you want it to come out as evenly as possible.

Rolling Pin Materials

You must also take into consideration this crucial aspect. Many people don’t realize that a rolling pin can be made from wood, metal, marble, or silicone. 

  • Wood – This is perhaps the most common material used as the great majority of rolling pins are made from wood. In all likelihood, it is also the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think of rolling pins. They are classic and sturdy tools that do the job well enough.
  • Metal – One of the main reasons manufacturers make these rolling pins is because they are much colder than your typical wooden pins. This means that temperature-sensitive ingredients like butter are less likely to melt as you work on rolling your dough. However, there is still a caveat: these rolling pins can be quite heavy and cumbersome. 
  • Silicone – Silicone rolling pins work much like silicone pans – they are highly regarded for having nonstick qualities. This means that you may no longer need to use as much flour in your dough as you normally would when using other types of rolling pins. Of course, the negative aspect of these rolling pins is that they are pricier than their counterparts.

Our recommendation is that you stick with the tried-and-true choice of wood. Despite its long history, it has always performed well.


You should consider another factor when choosing a rolling pin for pasta in addition to its construction and materials.

It needs to deliver results while feeling comfortable in your hands.

Every task can be hampered by physical discomfort, no matter how simple. Rolling pins are no different.

This is why you should ensure your rolling pin meets these two basic requirements, especially if you want it to become a kitchen staple.

If you do not follow this rule, making pasta will be a chore.


These are our best five rolling pins for making pasta from dough. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need, from its origin to the most frequently asked questions.

Your buying decision will be influenced by these in-depth ideas. The best rolling pin brand is known to you if you are interested in buying a rolling pin with accessories. You should also remember to take good care of this cooking tool. It should come with a manual as well.

Generally, whatever you choose from our recommendations will provide you with satisfactory performance.

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