Top 10 Best Skillets for Steak in 2022

Cooking the perfect steak requires some knowledge of the field and the correct tools.

We sometimes do not have access to our grills due to weather conditions. As a result of this, we normally turn our attention to the alternative indoor method of using a reliable skillet.

What is the best skillet for steak? While cast iron skillets are considered to be the best type of pan for steak, carbon steel and stainless steel are also excellent options. Choosing the best skillet depends in part on preference, but it should be well-constructed.

In this article, we’ll examine the three best types of skillets in terms of their materials. Stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron are all excellent choices, but you should compare each side by side before choosing your favorite.

Lastly, we’ll show you how to prepare the perfect steak with our top 5 picks for the best skillets, made with a variety of materials.

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The 10 Best Skillets for Steak Reviews:

1. Jim Beam Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Wooden Base

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Cast iron skillet set from Jim Beam that’s ready to use for outdoor activities such as camping, barbecues, and more. Provides even cooking and superior heat retention.

Comes with a wooden trivet and hand mitt. Iron construction. Whether cooking on a grill, campfire, gas, in an oven, on induction, electric, or using a glass plate, Jim Beam Cast Iron skillets will work.

You’ll love the fact that Jim Beam cast iron works as well inside the oven as it does on the stovetop if you enjoy cooking stovetop to oven recipes.

Moreover, it’s perfectly safe to use over an open flame, such as a campfire. It can also be used on an induction stove. Some stainless steel, copper, and aluminum pans cannot provide this benefit.

Highlighted Features:

  • RIDGED SURFACE: The ridged surface allows you to get those perfect grill marks while draining the excess fat away.
  • FOOD PREPARE AND SERVE: The Jim Beam skillet lets you prepare your food, like steak, or chicken or fish, over the stove or in an oven or on a BBQ, and the wood trivet helps you serve your delicious masterpiece, the pan is big enough to serve a meal for 2.
  • Durability: Cast iron is incredibly durable. In fact, it’s not unusual for a cast iron pan to be used for decades without showing much wear or tear.
  • Nonstick: Another benefit of Jim Beam cast iron is that when it’s seasoned and used regularly, it’s fairly nonstick, for cooks who prefer to avoid potentially harmful nonstick substances, the nonstick properties of cast iron are a huge plus.
  • Imparts Iron: The Jim Beam Cast iron even has a health benefit: uncoated cast iron tends to leach small amounts of iron into food as it cooks.
  • Item shape: Oval

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2. Cast Iron Grill Pan + Glass Lid + Silicone Handle Cover + Pan Scraper

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It is recommended to start cooking with fat-rich ingredients like oil or butter – and preheat the skillet for 5 minutes before cooking.

  • Wash right after use
  • Do not dip entire pan in water
  • Use minimal amount of soap – if needed
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, scouring pads, or strong detergents

Air-dried cast iron will rust. Whenever you use/wash the pan, heat it over medium to high heat to allow all the water to evaporate – or – wipe dry with a towel.

Then, lightly oil the entire interior and exterior surfaces of the pan (including the handles).

Highlighted Features:

  • COOKING VERSATILITY: The possibilities are endless with this multipurpose cast iron ribbed skillet. Sear or grill anything indoors and outdoors on grill, induction, and stove tops. An included silicone handle grip makes it easy to hold.
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our grill pan is a kitchen essential and made from premium quality cast iron that will provide a lifetime of quality cooking. A “Super-Seasoned” surface makes cooking delicate foods like burgers and fish feel effortless.
  • PRECISION HEAT DISTRIBUTION: This cast iron skillet has a smooth finish to help provide even heat distribution for improved cooking and frying, even on grills, stoves or induction cooktops.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN – After every use, cast iron should be hand washed, dried thoroughly on the stove at medium heat, and seasoned with natural oils; Do not put in dishwasher, and do not air dry.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Go on, fire up your Cuisinel cookware. If anything happens, it’s on us. In additional to Amazon’s seamless 30-day money-back guarantee, Cuisinel Cast Iron guarantees the quality and durability of all its products for a lifetime, so you can be assured that you are making the right choice and there is no risk to you.

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3. Nonstick Grill Pan for Stove Top

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Highlighted Features:

  • SPECIFICATIONS OF GRILL PAN: Our non-stick grill pan is 11 inches (28cm).
  • DURABLE GRILL PAN: Made of cast aluminum with even heat conduction and scratch resistance.
  • NONSTICK GRIDDLE PANS: Dual-layer nonstick Whitford coating, which makes the grill pan easy to cook and clean. Cooking with little oil for a healthy diet.
  • SAVE SPACE: The collapsible wood handle is lighter than cast iron for easy maneuvering and storing, also a highly practical addition to any kitchen.
  • FOR ALL STOVE: Compatible with all stove types except oven, including induction, safe-temp up to 450 °F.

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4. ESLITE LIFE 9.5 Inch Nonstick Grill Pan for Stove Tops

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Highlighted Features:

  • Eco-friendly Non-Stick Granite Coating & Easy to Clean – ESLITE LIFE grill pan with lid interior & exterior is coated by high performance non-stick granite coating, which makes the grill pan easy to cook and clean. Cooking with little oil for healthy diet. Smokeless, green & healthy, very durable surface, great non-stick effect, ideal for using on low to medium heat. 100% PFOA, LEAD, CADMIUM free, durable and non-burnt cookware.
  • Sturdy Reinforced Die-Casting Aluminum Body – Break resistant & does not warp, conducts heats quickly & evenly, 4.5 mm thicken induction compatible bottom provides a stable heat distribution and rapidly heating up, saves time and energy, 2 mm thicken aluminum body appropriate weight and heat conductive can ensure uniform heat dissipation and prevent hot spots. It is perfectly suitable for gas, ceramic, electric, halogen or induction stoves. Oven and dishwasher are not applicable.
  • Unique Design – The parallel ridges channel the grease to the sides, and keep extra fat away from the food so you do not get a steaming effect and oily meal. It allows to get grill marks on your food with great grill lines. Deep ridges minimize splatters, leave less oil when cooking. The grill pan is perfect for searing steaks, grilling burgers, chicken, bacon and more. Double pour spouts makes it easier to drain excess oil for easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomic Bakelite Handle & Heat-Resistant Glass Lid – The heat resistant bakelite handle are suitable for grasping and staying cooling while cooking. There are no rivets in the pan, which is more convenient to use and clean. The hanging ring, also perfect for easy storage.The see through glass lid allows you to check cooking progress while locking in flavor.
  • High Quality & After-Sale Service – ESLITE LIFE grill pan has 100% passed the quality tests before they leave the factory! If you receive this grill pan with any damage or if it malfunctions in any way, please feel free to contact ESLITE LIFE’s service team directly for any questions.

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5. HAWOK Cast Iron Fajita Skillet

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This set includes three items: a cast iron fajita pan, a bamboo tray, a cutting board, and a removable gripper. The dimensions of the cast iron fajita pan are 25.5cm x 18cm x 2cm/10 inch x 7.1 inch x 0.8 inch.

Highlighted Features:

  • cast iron pre-seasoned,Easy to clean retains good heat after removing from fire
  • with bamboo base, cutting board also
  • cast iron part L:10inch W:7.1inch
  • The demountable type meal plate, the convenient clean, favor cleanly, after the disassembling also may save the collection the space.
  • Removable handle is great for open fire cooking

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6. Pre-seasoned Square Cast Iron Skillet

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The housewares produced by Bruntmor are of the highest quality. Quality is our number one priority, and it shows in our product collection. You know it all starts with Bruntmor if you’re a houseware enthusiast like us.

What makes us different?

Bruntmor wants you to have high-quality cookware, kitchenware, and housewares that will last for years because we want the best for your kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality non stick cast iron grill pan for stovetop lets you enjoy healthy delicious grilled vegetables and seared meat,chicken or fish for a classic barbecue taste grill marks anytime of year.
  • 10″ square cast iron grilling pan with long, curved handle for great leverage and easier handling.
  • Pre-seasoned grill pan is ready-to-use. The grilling pan gets better and more flavorful with use over time, for lasting durability with proper care.
  • This portable grilling pan is small enough to easily transfer from cooktop to oven and heats evenly over any flame.
  • Our cast iron grill pan is flat for efficient warming, yet deep enough to keep food from splattering.

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7. Ebros Personal Sized 9.5″Lx5.5″W Cast Iron Sizzling Fajita Skillet Japanese Steak Plate

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Cooking personal sized meat and vegetables is easy with this cast iron sizzling plate.

When you are done cooking with the sizzling plate, remove it and place it on the wooden base for serving. Adding a sizzling plate to your secret recipe adds flavor and style just like in restaurants!

Cast iron steak plate with an enamel coating that ensures non-stick properties for a long time. Allow cookware to cool before cleaning.

It is recommended to wash the cookware by hand with warm soapy water and a nylon scrub brush, even though dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • This Simple But Elegant Cast Iron Sizzling Plate is your best buddy to cook personal sized meats or vegetables. Cook with the sizzling plate on your stove then remove and put on the wooden base for serving. Serving your cooked food on this sizzling plate adds flavor and style to your secret recipe just like they do it in restaurants!
  • This Simple But Elegant Cast Iron Sizzling Plate serves 1 person in general and measures 9.5″ long, 5.5″ wide and 0.75″ tall approximately. The set weighs about 2.75 pounds.
  • The Wooden base is 11.5″ long, 5.75″ wide and 0.5″ tall. The cast iron handle is 5″ long.
  • This Cast Iron Steak Plate is oil coated for a non stick surface. Clean cast-iron skillet after every use. Wipe interior surface of still-warm skillet with paper towels to remove any excess food and oil. Rinse under hot running water, scrubbing with nonmetal brush or nonabrasive scrub pad to remove any traces of food. (Use small amount of soap if you like; rinse well.)
  • Color Tone Of The Wood Base is now Reddish Cherry Wood Colored.

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8. NutriChef Nonstick Cast Iron Grill Pan

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Stylish and long lasting kitchen skillet grill pan made from heavy-duty cast iron. Enjoy traditional grill pan cooking style with this skillet grill pan.

Integrated Sides. Leaf-Lined Ridge-Lined Grill Marks for Chargrilled Food, Modern Color for Home Kitchen. Porcelain Enamel Outer Coating. Extra-Wide Square Skillet Size for Large Meals.

Stain-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean Perfect Kitchen Cookware for Oven Safe & Stovetop with Excess Pouring Oil & Grease Lips Effectively Distributes & Holds Heat for Even Heat Distribution and Cooking All Around.

Cooktops: Gas, Electric, Ceramic, and InductionSkillet Style: Square Pan Max Temperature: 500°F (200°C) Construction Material: Cast Iron Metal, Porcelain Enamel Total Pan Size (L x W x H): 17″

Technical Specs: Skillet Style: Square Pan Max Temperature: 500°F (200°C) Construction Material: Cast Iron Metal, Porcelain Enamel Total Pan Size (L x W x H): 17″ 09’’ x 11. 46’’ x 1. 81’’ –inches Sold as: 1 Weight: 8. 15 lbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-stick coating: the Nutrichef indoor grill pan features a non-stick Coated layer surface that ensures quick, effortless food release and eliminates the need for butter, oil, or cooking spray. Makes tasty homemade grilled food slide out easily
  • Heat safe up to 500° F: The square grill pan steak skillet is heat-safe at high temperatures up to 500°f. Features extra wide square skillet size for large meals & a convenient grip handle. Total grill pan size measures 17. 09” L x 11. 46” W x 1. 81” H
  • Ridged surface: The classic stove top grill features ridged Line cooking surface which keeps excess oil away from food, making it ideal for grilling chicken, steak & vegetables. Also adds distinct grill marks to your food making it more appetizing
  • Side drip spout: features integrated side drip lips making it easy to discard excess oil & fat. The steak grill pan has a smooth porcelain enamel coating proven to effectively distribute & retain heat for an even cooking throughout the entire pan
  • Induction ready: This nonstick grill pan is compatible w/ all heating methods. Works on gas, induction, glass ceramic & electric stove top. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Enjoy traditional grill pan cooking style with the whole family

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9. WINSDOM Nonstick Grill Pan for Stove

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Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and Sturdy Quality: Warp-resistant with reinforced die-casting aluminum, the grill pan is born stronger than ordinary aluminum pans. Weighing much lighter than cast iron grill pans but sturdy and durable enough to be an outstanding cookware in your kitchen.
  • Deep Ridges for Grilling: The deepened parallels of ridges simulating BBQ grills designed to leave grilling line or grid to the food, meanwhile to drop the extra grease and fat down and thus keep the food cooking healthier. The grill pan is perfect as a steak pan, chicken pan or bacon pan in this way.
  • Nonstick Makes Versatile: Coated with high-performance and non-toxic (PFOA, LEAD, CADMIUM free) nonstick material entitles it to be a whatever pan for cooking and cleaning easily. It can work as a nonstick frying pan or skillet when you don’t want to clean another pan. Less or no oil needed depending on the food you cook.
  • Induction Compatible: The induction bottom enables fast and stable heat distribution on induction stove, gas, electric rings, ceramic hob, halogen, glass stove, camping fire and other induction compatible stovetops.
  • Anti-scald Handle and Glass Lid: Solidly equipped with heat-resistant and non-slip black bakelite handle and glass cover with a spatula-holder knob. Dishwasher safe. Not Oven safe.
  • Always Here After Sales: For any damage, malfunction or other problems after you receive our products, please feel free to contact us. Our team works for your satisfaction.
  • Attention: For better maintenance, it’s suggested to keep the induction bottom dry after wash.

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10. Skillet Love From Steak to Cake

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This versatile piece of kitchen equipment is a favorite among both home cooks and professionals alike. In addition to cooking eggs, searing meat, roasting whole dinners, and serving dessert warm from the oven, the cast iron pan is perfect for every meal of the day.

With this cookbook, bestselling author Anne Byrn has curated 160 recipes that can be made in a 12-inch cast iron skillet.

You’ll find dishes to please everyone here, from appetizers like Easy Garlic Skillet Knots to sides like Last-Minute Scalloped Potatoes, from brunch favorites to one-pot dinners like Skillet Eggplant Parmesan.

Anne Byrn’s cookbooks would not be complete without her innovative baked goods such as Georgia Burnt Caramel Cake, Brown Sugar Skillet Blondies, pies and other treats.

It also contains interesting tidbits about how to season and care for cast iron skillets as well as the origins of the skillet. Anne Byrn has created an informational, adaptable, and deliciously indispensable cookbook packed with skillet recipes the whole family will love.

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Cast Iron Frying Pans Buying Guide

The best cast iron frying pan is not the same as the rest. Cast iron frying pans for grilling steak should have these features.

It’s the right size

When searing steak in a frying pan, you will need a lot of room to allow steam to escape so that the crust can brown properly. Cast-iron pans have a thick wall, so a 12-inch frying pan will really have around 9 – 10 inches of cooking surface, just enough to fit a rib-eye.

Comfortable Weight

By nature, cast-iron pans are heavy. The weight ranges from 8 to 10 pounds. Thick frying pans retain heat more effectively and longer than thin frying pans, so they are good for cooking steak. Decide what weight is right for you.

Easy to Grip Handle

Cast iron frying pans have heavy and rounded handles, which are easy to grip because they are heavy and can get really hot. To help with the weight, the frying pan should also have a secondary handle opposite the main handle.

Mess-free Pour Spouts

When you cook steak, you will have a lot of grease in your frying pan. Clean-up after cooking is made easier by efficient pour spouts.

Factory Seasoned

The term factory seasoned refers to the fact that a cast-iron frying pan has already been seasoned with oil and heat, making it ready for use right out of the box. It is also possible to season the pan yourself, which is more cost-effective than purchasing a pre-seasoned pan.

You will surely be able to pick the best steak frying pan if you keep these in mind.

Final Thoughts

The method of pan steak in detail is covered in the article How to Pan Sear a Steak, so we won’t describe that process here. An infographic showing searing times and levels of doneness is included in that article as well as a step-by-step guide.

The best pan for searing a steak is cast iron. The cheap, durable, and heat-conserving material makes for a crispy crust and a perfectly finished interior.

In a tie, heavy carbon steel and heavy clad stainless steel (i.e., not All-Clad or any of its knockoffs) come in second place.

If you’re going to make wine-based pan sauces, stainless steel is the ideal choice, but for a flawless crust and a flawless interior, cast iron is by far the best option.

Please accept my sincere thanks!

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