Top 10 Best Spatulas for Cast Iron in 2022

Some cookware may be damaged by using the wrong type of spatula, resulting in scratches or melted spatulas. Certain spatulas may not be sturdy enough to use with certain types of cookware.

Stainless steel or silicone spatulas are best for cast iron cookware. Cast iron cookware depreciates with age and condition. A brand new cast iron skillet can be used with a soft silicone spatula.

With seasoned and well-used cast iron, you can easily use metal spatulas without fear of damaging it. Cast iron retains its natural texture when you use the correct type of spatula, and the smooth surface means a longer lifespan for your cookware.

How can you choose the best spatula for cast iron when there are so many to choose from? Based on our research, we selected the best spatula for cast iron. Our spatula buying guide also includes essential tips to help you find the right one for you.

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The 10 Best Spatulas for Cast Iron Reviews:

1. MANNKITCHEN Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula Perfect for Cast Iron Skillets

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MANNKITCHEN MK21680 spatulas are designed to be used with cast iron skillets and flat top griddles. The sturdy construction will hold up to the rigors of a professional kitchen, yet is suitable for a home cook as well.

Heavy gauge 420 Stainless Steel blade reduces flexing so that tough scraping tasks can be accomplished and burgers can be easily pressed.

Precision beveled edge allows it to slide beneath eggs and rough chop ingredients while they cook. Handle made of hardwood.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hardened Stainless Steel For Even Cast Iron Skillet Surface Leveling
  • Precision Beveled Straight Edge for Optimal Food Release
  • Comfortable Heat Resistant Single Piece Hardwood Handle
  • Heavy Duty Construction For Extreme Durability
  • Stiff Heavy Gauge Steel Eliminates Flex For Smash Burgers and Tough Scraping Tasks

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2. KLAQQED 2 PCS Metal Spatula for Cast Iron Skillet

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Our metal spatula has enough thickness to keep its shape for a long period of time without deforming.

The handle is made of wood, which is anti-scalding, non-slip, making use safer, as well as comfortable.

We are made out of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, which is very safe and healthy, and has excellent quality!

Highlighted Features:

  • 【Easy to use】: You will receive 1PCS spatula and 1PCS Slotted Spatula. Both spatulas turners adopts ergonomic design, it is very comfortable to hold, and it is convenient to lift and turn to carry food. The edge of the spatula blade is designed to be very thin, which makes cooking and baking easier. All our spatulas Both can withstand high temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 【High-quality materials】: Our barbecue spatula is made of very durable stainless steel, safe, healthy, and high temperature resistant, and can be reused for a long time. They are very easy to clean!
  • 【Perfect grip】: The stainless steel metal of this spatula is combined with a high-quality wooden handle non-slip grip to ensure that the spatula can be held and manipulated at will even with wet hands. The wooden handle is very insulated and of the right length, ensuring you keep a safe distance from high temperatures.
  • 【Wide range of applications】: This kitchen spatula can be used for cast iron frying pans, frying pans, frying pans, flat-top cooking countertops, and barbecues. It is especially suitable for pancakes, fish, pizza, eggs, burgers, egg rolls, etc. It is an essential tool in the kitchen .
  • 【Considerate service】: Our products provide 100% life-long after-sales service support . If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

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3. FAAY 10″ Flat Wooden Spatula for Cast Iron

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The products we make from teak, which is a local resource in the Northeastern region of Thailand, provide a great deal of comfort to many local artisans and a source of income for them.

A combination of local wisdom and innovative thinking created ergonomically designed wooden utensils to enhance cooking experiences. It is also encouraging to know that people from all over the world appreciate their work, including you.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% CAREFREE COOKING EXPERIENCE, Our FAAY 10″ Teak Flat Spatulas / Turners are made of 100% golden brown teak. They are moist-resistant yet lightweight and handy. They are very versatile, so you can chop the food and crush the garlic or any ingredients. Our convenient handle and wide, thin wooden blade allow you to flip everything effortlessly.
  • 100% ECO-FRIENDLY AND HEALTHY Our FAAY Teak Spatulas / Turners are from sustainable source of teaks in Thailand. Teaks are well known to be heat and moist resistant. Please be noted that the product color depends on types of soil (It can be either dark or light golden brown). No glue or lacquer added, only coconut oil finished. This is just to ensure our valuable customers’ good health.
  • 100% HANDMADE AND HEARTCRAFTED BY LOCAL ARTISANS Most of the wooden utensils nowadays are machinemade. Every piece of our products helps the local artisans maintain their remarkable craft skill and pass it down to the next generations. They are genuine artists, and they just need a little space to express their talent. Only you can provide them with that.
  • 100% EASY TO TAKE CARE OF Wash them with warm water and soft sponge to preserve their qualities. If there is something sticking to our spatulas, just put them in the water for 5 minutes before washing. Please store them in dry place when not used. When teak products are exposed to oil and heat, their color normally becomes darker, but they are still perfectly useable.
  • 100% WARRANTY GUARANTEED In case our spatulas do not come in their best condition like in the photo or get broken after being used for 30 days, just let us know. We sincerely apologize and will definitely send you the new ones in no time. We appreciate all your remarks and comments. They are the key tools to develop and improve our handmade and heartcrafted products.

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4. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grill Griddle Metal Spatulas for Cast Iron Flat

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Stainless steel and plastic make up the Leonyo Set of 25 Plastic Handle Grilling Accessories. Grilling accessories come in various sizes and shapes, such as BBQ spatulas.

BBQ spatulas are handy when many people are cooking in one gathering. An angled spatula can be used for dicing, picking, and mopping. Suitable for gas grills, hibachi grills, propane grills, charcoal grills, smokeless, rv, campfire, and camp stoves.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional griddle tools kit, contain hamburger spatula, long spatula, perforated long spatula, scraper chopper, small spatula, wide spatula, fish spatula, bbq fork, steak knife, grilling tongs, burger press, oil brush, griddle cleaning brush, 2 x melting domes, 2 x squeeze bottles, 2 x pepper pots, 4 x egg rings, 10 x “S” shaped hanging Hooks, 2 zises of carry bags, plus a screwdriver
  • High quality indoor & outdoor bbq set, our grilling tool set is manufactured to exacting quality specifications, made of premium stainless steel with decent thickness up to 1.5mm, not easy to bend, deform and rust after long-term use, sturdy heat-resistant plastic handle, no need to worry about the handle to get loose easily when cooking
  • Ergonomics design, beveled edges of our spatulas and scrapers could make it more easy to flip or pick up food, you can even chop food with them directly on the griddle, saving your strength and time, handle and metal blade designed with 45-degree angle to keep a safe distance from the grill or griddle, preventing your hands from getting burn
  • Stainless steel grill press, heavy duty metal bacon press helps to press out the unwanted grease, makes griddle or grill cooking much healthier, triangular structure ensures burger press durable enough for long term use, with non-stick flat bottom, long smooth handle could prevent your hand from scalds, with this practical kit you could enjoy your griddle cooking or grilling
  • 9” melting dome x 2, 9 inch melt dome contains a comfortable plastic handle, burger cover dome is made from up to 0.3mm thick stainless steel, heavy-duty burger dome is durable and free of bending, deforming or breaking, has a perfect size for concentrating heat to cook evenly, melt cheese, steam vegetables or roast, save your cooking time and avoid overcooking the meat for a better come out, the handle is high-resistant, protecting your hand from scalds

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5. 12 inch Teak Wood Spatula for Cast Iron

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Highlighted Features:

  • FAVORITE TOOL IN KITCHEN: These 12 inches wooden flat spatulas will be your most popular tools from now on. Use this Utensil to scrape on cast iron, chop your meat, crush your garlic, flip your eggs, serve your omelets & salads!
  • FLIPPER MASTER: Flip your eggs, pancakes & omelettes with the thin sharp front, that is only 0.03 inches thick. Make your hands on a rounded, thick and comfortable handle of about 0.6 inches thick.
  • LIFELONG QUALITY: Woodenhouse kitchen utensils will last a lifetime, they are made of one piece 100% Natural Teak Wood. These tools are beautiful, solid, sturdy, smooth, well designed and have a superb finish. Utensils may vary in shade because of its natural material.
  • NON-SCRATCH & SUSTAINABLE SOURCED: Cook on nonstick cookware knowing it will be safe. Responsibly sourced from Teak plantations. We don’t include any plastic, instead a reusable linen bag is provided.
  • WOODENHOUSE SATISFACTION: They are coated and well polished with a clear Food Grade Non-Toxic lacquer which is great for retaining its beautiful gloss. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied please contact us for a prompt replacement or reimbursement.

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6. Homi Styles Metal Spatula with Beveled Edges

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Highlighted Features:

  • SMALL SPATULA PACKS A BIG PUNCH – Silicone spatulas and rubber spatulas have their time and place. When it’s time to get serious in the kitchen or at the grill turn to this 11-inch professional spatula. Made of 420J2 steel with wooden handle – measures 11 inches long by 3 inches wide.
  • DESIGNED FOR USE ON SERIOUS COOKWARE – Our tenacious kitchen spatula is intended to be used on cast iron skillets, griddles, flat top cooking surfaces, and grills. It’s made of stainless steel, so we do not recommend using it on non-stick cookware. Great for Pancake Flipper, Fish, Eggs, Burgers, Omelet & More.
  • EFFORTLESSLY SLIDE UNDERNEATH FOOD – If you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to seamlessly slide a spatula underneath food to flip it or take it out of the pan in one piece, then you’ll love the beveled edges on this small spatula. It gets underneath food with ease.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT, COMFORT-GRIP WOOD HANDLE – The heat-resistant, wooden handle measures 7 inches long and is angled, which ensures maximum comfort and control. It’s well balanced and ultra-strong. Can be hand washed Only
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA THAT WON’T GO UNUSED – Anyone that loves to cook, bake, or grill will love this griddle turner. It’s an excellent gift idea for a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Holiday, Father’s Day, Wedding, Housewarming, and so much more.

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7. KLAQQED Metal Spatula for Cast Iron Skillet

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Highlighted Features:

  • 【High Quality Material】: This metal spatula is made of food grade stainless steel, which is healthy and safe. The wooden handle insulates heat and is very comfortable to hold and durable.
  • 【Easy to clean】: Our chef’s spatula is easy to clean, can be used in the kitchen or outdoors!
  • 【Sophisticated design】: The support surface of our griddle spatula is wide and polished, and the three sides are designed with beveled edges. You can easily cut food on the grill and flip the fish and steak. The humanized design makes your cooking more convenient.
  • 【Wide range of uses】: Our barbecue burger spatula can be used in daily cooking, and the appropriate size can also be convenient for you to carry out for picnics and barbecues. It can be used for grilling food, making burgers, grilling pancakes, cooking seafood, frying steak, grilling fish, etc. , Can help you make all kinds of delicious food.
  • 【Considerate service】: Our KLAQQED brand products enjoy life-long after-sales service guarantee and support. You can buy with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, and we will help you solve them perfectly within 24 hours.Please add our products to the shopping cart, Enjoy our risk-free purchase.

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8. Earlywood 10 inch Handmade Wood Cooking Utensil for Kitchen

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No, this wooden scraper isn’t the same as a wooden spoon, but it can do most of what you would do with a wooden spoon! We eliminated unnecessary features when we designed this griddle spatula.

This simple, yet incredibly functional flat wood spatula is the product of going through that process multiple times.

Highlighted Features:

  • OUR MOST USEFUL WOODEN UTENSIL FOR KITCHENS. It’s a pancake flipper, an egg spatula, a wood skillet scraper, a beef chopper, a garlic crusher, and a wooden bench scraper. These are just a few of the things you’ll find yourself busting this utensil out for.
  • THE EGG SPECIALIST. People come back to us again and again to tell us how great these short wood spatulas are for eggs. The sharp flat front lifts a wide path of eggs so they can cook instead of burn. Slide the scraper right under half of your omelet and fold it over in one piece.
  • ROCK SOLID. I’m 6’2″ and 190 lbs. I have purposefully tried to break these before and I can’t come close. That’s why they make the perfect garlic crusher, kitchen scraper, and wooden cooking utensil. The half inch thick hand rounded tail end is comfortable to hold when you are cooking like you mean it!
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED WOODS. At Earlywood, we use only ethically sourced, sustainable, and all-natural materials. Each of our woods is carefully hand selected for quality, aesthetics, and longevity. Our scraper is available in four woods.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN AMERICA WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY. All our wooden utensils are hand crafted here in Montana, USA and are covered by a lifetime warranty. That’s how strongly we stand by their quality. Washing by hand is the recommended product care for longevity.

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9. Anmarko Stainless Steel Metal Spatula Set

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Highlighted Features:

  • PROFESSIONAL STAINLESS STEEL SPATULA SET – includes 1 x cooking spatula turner, 1 x grill spatula, 1 x hamburger turner 4 x 8 inch . Great for use as pancake turner , fish turner spatula , griddle spatula , kitchen spatula, bench scraper .
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – spatulas are good for use by professional chefs and bakers in restaurants and food shops as well as griddle grill accessories set for your home kitchen or backyard barbecue .
  • MADE FROM STURDY STAINLESS STEEL – non-reactive, hygienic and durable . Spatula stainless steel blade thickness is 1/25 inch. Perfect heavy duty tool kit.
  • FIRM GRIP – ergonomic and comfortable wooden handle with hole for easy hanging. Flat spatula and stainless steel turner are very well balanced . Metal spatula set is handwash only .
  • PANCAKE FLIPPER AND GRIDDLE TURNER oversized spatula – perfect for bbq grill reversible griddle as well as for cast iron outdoor griddle or flat top cooking .

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10. Leonyo Griddle Accessories Set

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Stainless steel and natural wood are used to craft Leonyo’s set of 22 Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Grilling Accessories.

BBQ accessories include a variety of size and types of tools, a barbecue spatula will be useful when there are lots of people cooking, an angled spatula will be useful for carving, picking, and dicing; suitable for gas grills, hibachi grills, propane grills, charcoal grills, smokeless, campfires, RV, camp stoves, and smokers.

Highlighted Features:

  • INCLUDED Professional wooden griddle accessories contain 1 x Hamburger Spatula, Long Cooking Spatula, Perforated Long Spatula, Grill Scraper, Scraper Chopper, Crinkle Cutters, small spatula, bbq fork, small slotted Spatula, large fish spatula, small fish turner, steak knives, grilling tongs, 2 x squeeze bottle,4 x egg rings, 2 x Melting Dome, Carry Bag, “S” Shape Hanging Hooks
  • HEAVY DUTY Grill spatula blade are made of professional food grade stainless steel, hibachi accessories own ergonomic and comfortable wooden handle with triple rivets grip structure, great hand feel as using
  • CRAFTED Heat resistant spatula with full tang build, Wide support surface and straight edge, Stiff and different angle enough to cut food easily on griddle, hold and flip more food, Handle with hole for easy hanging
  • DURABLE Commercial Grade Wooden Handle Hibachi Spatula easy to clean even by hand wash, cleans easily for low maintenance, teppanyaki tools offer S shape hooks for hanging and drying
  • UTILITY Chef spatula set service in kitchen, back yard, camping, buffet, restaurant or hotel for baking pancake, cooking sea food, frying steak, grilling fish, carry bag for storage and carry out, handy for tailgating, camping

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Buying Guide

Now that you know the best spatulas you can select, it’s time to learn a few things to consider when choosing one. 


When cooking in a cast iron skillet or nonstick pan, the material of the spatula is extremely important. In order to level the surface of cast iron cookware, the material of the spatula is crucial. Materials of spatulas include: 

  • Hardened Stainless Steel Spatula: If you’re looking for a sturdy spatula to use when scraping and leveling cast iron cookware, you’ll want a spatula made of hardened stainless steel. These spatulas are commonly used by chefs to cook with cast iron skillets and pans. 
  • On the other hand, using stainless steel spatulas that have not been hardened is not a good idea. The spatula may be damaged, not the cookware, because unhardened steel is softer than cast iron. 
  • Plastic spatulas are not recommended for use with cast iron skillets. High temperatures are likely to melt the plastic spatula. 
  • Cooking with a wooden spatula or a bamboo spatula: The sturdy wooden spatulas can be used with cast iron pans and are usually used to prepare delicate foods like fish and eggs. It may not work for leveling out the surface of a cast iron pan with a wooden spatula. Not properly handled wooden spatulas are also susceptible to mold growth. 
  • Cast iron kitchenware can be used with a silicone-head spatula. Check the label and make sure the device can withstand temperatures up to at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Metal spatula: If your cast iron is enameled, it is not advisable to use a metal spatula. On enameled cast iron, metallic residue may be left behind by a metal spatula. Eventually, these marks will come off, but it may be a long process. 

Other Types of Spatulas:

  • Wok Spatula. Use a wok spatula if you enjoy stir-frying foods in your cast iron wok. A shovel-like shape and long handles make it easy to stir fry foods and prepare large quantities. Chinese restaurants use long spatulas when you dine there, have you noticed? Those are wok spatulas.
  • Fish Spatula. A metal spatula of this type is thinner and longer than the common metal spatula. In order to cook delicate fillets, the fish spatula is designed specifically. The cast iron will not be damaged by its use.


The shape of the spatula is also important, in addition to the material type. Choosing a square-shaped spatula with sharp angles will improve the cooking surface of cast iron cookware. With a spatula with a round edge, the spatula touches the pan minimally, making it impossible to level the pan’s surface. 


Cleaning up after cooking is a dreaded task. Consider checking the cleaning instructions of the spatula if you dislike washing dirty dishes. There are some spatulas that are not dishwasher-safe and must be manually scrubbed to remove food crumbs. 

Spatulas with wooden handles, such as those from MannKitchen and Anmarko, should not be washed in the dishwasher.

You can still use these two spatulas if you don’t mind a little extra cleaning. Alternatively, you can choose dishwasher-safe spatulas such as Chef Craft, Sabatier, and Tovolo if cleaning by hand is too laborious for you. 


Choose beveled-edge spatulas when using cast iron cookware. It is easy to clean off foods left on the pan with one, to slide the spatula underneath it, and to flip it effortlessly like a master chef.

You can also use beveled-edge spatulas to chop food since they’re sharp. In general, non-beveled edge spatulas are fine for scraping, flipping, and chopping. 


Spatulas come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. These designs aren’t just aesthetic; they are functional as well. Wide spatulas can, for example, flip heavy foods, such as fish or burger patties. 

In addition, a spatula with a serrated design is useful for cutting through certain meats, such as chicken. You can use it to check if chicken breasts are done when grilling them. Serrated spatulas can be used to carve streaks straight out of the pan without using a knife. 

However, thin spatulas are only suitable for flipping delicate foods like pancakes or eggs. 

Thus, when selecting a spatula, look not only at its visual appeal, but at its functionality as well. It also helps if you select a spatula with a hole in the handle so you can hang it. 


How flexible is your spatula? Basically, it depends on what you intend to cook with it and how you use it. The best spatula to use when handling delicate foods such as eggs, fish fillets, or pancakes is a flexible one. 

Alternatively, if you are planning on smashing burgers or steaks, choose an inflexible spatula. 

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that some flexible spatulas are not suitable for scraping, whereas inflexible spatulas are useful for scraping foods. 


Consider the material of the handle before choosing a spatula, as it can affect many factors: grip, washability, and heat resistance. The most comfortable handle so far is made of plastic and will not absorb grease or fat when cooking. 

In addition, you have to consider the handle’s length. With a longer handle you are less likely to get burned and splashed by oil that flies out of the frying pan. These five spatulas all have wooden handles, as you may notice from the photos. Not only are they comfortable to hold, but they also don’t easily slip. 


We have covered everything you needed to know and helped you make the right choice in purchasing the best spatula for cast iron. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you make a good decision. Have a great time cooking.

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