Top 10 Best Springform Pans in 2022

It’s one of those tools that you have to have in your kitchen if you’re looking to up your baking game. The bottom and sides of the pan can be removed. It’s typically made of metal. Manufacturers usually make them round, but a few make them square or rectangular as well.

Interlocking bands are snapped together when baking to hold the sides together. It is easy to remove the edge of the dish once the baked good is done, and your beautiful dish remains on the base once you have opened the outside and unsnapped it.

After reviewing dozens of springform pans on the market, we consulted baking experts and looked at manufacturing information, reviews, and user opinions to choose the best ones. These top picks were then tested at home, and we assessed them based on several criteria, including how they performed.

Find out which springform pans we tested and their results, along with our list of recommendations for your next baking project.

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The 10 Best Springform Pan Reviews:

1. Hiware 9 Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan

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The cake can now be removed without damaging it, without brushing a lot of oil over the surface or spending a lot of time and effort on how to do it.

Our stainless steel springform buckles have been upgraded and are now bigger, easier to switch, and don’t crack or fall off.

The parchment paper allows you to easily remove the cake from the pan, which solves the biggest concern you have when baking. Furthermore, baking paper absorbs excess oil, resulting in fewer fat deposits and better health as a result.

Highlighted Features:

  • HEALTHY COATING: Our Non-stick coating is a food grade safety coating with no harsh chemicals or hazardous substances. The true double layer coating allows the cake be easily removed without damage. Avoid making it difficult to clean the cake because it sticks to the pan or leaves a lot of cake residue.
  • THE STAINLESS SPRINGFORM BUCKLE PROVIDES SMOOTH, EASY RELEASE: The stainless steel springform buckle has been upgraded which is stronger and easier to switch but will not fall off or crack, allowing the cake to be pulled out perfectly with little effort.
  • INCLUDE 50 PIECES OF PARCHMENT PAPER: If you are a fan of traditional baking, congratulations, the parchment paper will bring back the traditional baking experience. To prevent the cake from sticking to the chassis, combine with other designs to remove the perfect cake while also sucking away excess oil, less oil means less fat and better health.
  • OVEN-SAFE UP TO 450℉: The premium material allows the pan to heat up quickly and evenly during the heating process on the stove or in the oven, with a heat resistance of up to 450°F, the food can be baked safely and presents a perfect look.
  • MAKING IT YOUR FAVOURITE BAKING TOOL: Now this is the proven choice in restaurant and bakery kitchens and is also the best gadget for DIY desserts and food if you love baking stuff like cheese cake, yogurt cake, mousse, coffee cake, lasagna, quiche, paella, cookies, fruit pie, pecan pie and any similar recipe. And it also makes a great and practical gift for your friends. Hand wash recommended.

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2. Wilton Aluminum Springform Pan

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It is important to use the right pan when making cheesecake. For baking, cheesecakes, and making pizza, this heavy-duty 9-inch springform pan is ideal.

The aluminum construction of this pan ensures even heating, resulting in consistently good results.

Highlighted Features:

  • This springform pan is great for making cheesecakes and deep dish pizzas
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction ensures even heating and long wear; waffled texture on bottom and sides makes food release easy
  • 9 in. dia. x 3 in. (22.8 cm diam x 7.6 cm)
  • Before first and after each use, wash in warm, soapy water for best results

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3. Hiware Springform Pan Set

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Our pan set is the right choice for anyone who enjoys making cakes or who wants to make a self-made multilayer cake for family or friends.

Among the various sizes of cake pans, we have matched the ideal size combination for you. A three-layer cake can be easily made with a baking pan that you choose and buy.

Also included in the set is parchment paper and a springform buckle design that solve all kinds of annoying problems that you may encounter while making cakes and helps you enjoy the process of baking more.

Highlighted Features:

  • PROFESSIONAL SPRINGFORM PAN SET includes 3 piece non-stick pans (6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch) and 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch parchment paper liners (each size has 50 pieces).
  • PERFECT FOR MAKING ALL YOUR FAVORITES like cheesecake, mousse, quiche, coffee cake and any similar recipe where you can’t turn the pan upside down to remove the cake. These pans can be used to create beautiful three layer cakes suited for any occasion.
  • TRUE DOUBLE LAYER NON-STICK COATING makes it a breeze to remove cakes. No flowering needed. Never again damage a cake because part of it stuck to the pan. Much easier to clean this pan. Hand washing recommended. The coating is safe and healthy with no harsh chemicals or hazardous substances.
  • OVEN SAFE TO 450 DEGREES Fahrenheit. The stainless Springform Buckle provides smooth, easy release. You can work faster with better results. No wonder this is the proven choice in restaurant and bakery kitchens.
  • THESE LINERS CAN BE USED IN CONVENTIONAL OVENS & MICROWAVES. Our liners are waterproof & oil proof but will allow food vapor to pass through, enhancing the taste. They are already cut in 6″ 8” and 10” circles so no cutting or measuring is needed.

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4. Nordic Ware Springform Pan

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A Beautiful Addition To Any Kitchen Is This Professional Weight Formed Metal Bakeware. A non-stick coating makes it easy to release and easy to clean.

With its simple locking mechanism and tight seal, this pan is perfect for cheesecakes and other desserts. It is durable and reliable. It holds up to 10 cups.

Highlighted Features:

  • 9-inch non stick coated springform pan
  • Tight seal helps to prevent messy spills
  • Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup
  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Globally sourced

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5. Cuisinart AMB-9SP 9-Inch Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware Springform Pan

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The 9-inch springform pan makes it easy to make delicious cheesecakes and other special desserts like layer cakes and tortes without the fuss of standard cake pans.

As soon as the cake has finished baking, simply release the latch and gently remove the three-inch sides from the perfectly intact cake by lifting them up and away. You can slide the dessert right off the base and onto a serving plate.

Cuisinart’s Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware line features heavy-gauge (1.0 mm) aluminized-steel construction for even heating and browning, as well as a nonstick Whitford Xylan coating (both inside and out) to ensure that the graham-cracker crust adheres to the cream-cheese filling, not to the sides.

Cutting the cake in the pan can scratch the surface, so it is best not to do so–use only wood, nylon, rubber, or plastic tools to avoid scratching the surface.

Even at high temperatures, the thick rolled edges prevent the cookware from warping. Furthermore, the cookware can be cleaned either by hand or by dishwasher.

Highlighted Features:

  • 9-inch springform pan made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel for fast, even heating
  • Whitford Xylan nonstick coating inside and out ensures effortless food release
  • Latch opens to release baked cake; extra-thick rolled edges prevent warping
  • Dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup; oven-safe

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6. Wilton Springform Cake Pan Set

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The bakeware from Wilton can help you make the most of your favorite foods, whether you bake once a week or once a month.

The selection of non-stick all-purpose cookie sheets includes everything from heavy-duty aluminum cake pans to durable aluminum cake pans.

Choose from a variety of standard, shaped, and silicone pans to replace your old bakeware and expand your collection.

Wilton bakeware comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, such as round, square, oblong, small, medium, and large cookie sheets, standard and mini muffin tins up to 48 cups, as well as shaped pans such as heart-shaped, animal-shaped and children’s characters.

Furthermore, our silicone baking pans and molds come in an array of fun shapes so you can make treats according to your party theme or occasion. So go ahead, get your bake on with Wilton and make the kitchen your happy place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Three sizes of springform pans for making cheesecakes, deep dish pizzas or quiche
  • Made of steel; non-stick surface for easy release and quick cleanup
  • Includes 8 in. dia. x 2.5 in. (20.3 cm diam x 6.6 cm), 9 in. dia. x 2.75 in. (22.9 cm diam x 6.9 cm) and 10 in. dia. x 2.75 in. (25.4 cm diam x 6.9 cm) springform pans
  • Dishwasher safe; however for best results, wash in warm, soapy water before first and after each use

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7. Springform Pan Set

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Highlighted Features:

  • Springform Pan Set: Includes 3 different size of non-stick pans (6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch) that can be used to make beautiful three layer cakes suited for any occasion.
  • Premier Materials: The cake pan is made of a strong carbon steel material,covered by food grade safety coating with no harsh chemicals or toxic substances. BPA Free and microwave oven safe. Heat-resistance temperature: 445℉ (230℃)
  • Easy to Use and Clean: Smooth Springform buckle, releases easily and seals up tight. Made from premium steel that won’t rust, corrode or deteriorate over time. Features adjustable sides and a removable bottom help you separate the cake from the pan gently without any damage to the top or bottom.
  • Convenient Storage: The cake tin pan sets have nesting sizes, ideal for space-saving storage. They can be stacked up easily and stored together in your cupboards so you won’t misplace them. Note: Ensure it was completely dried and cleaned before storage. Hand wash better.
  • 1-Year Warranty: One-Year warranty provided, 7*24 customer service. Please contact us if you’ve got further questions and you will get earliest customer support.

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8. N/W Springform Pan (4inch/7inch/9inch) Set

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Before you use the new cheesecake pan set for the first time, be sure to wash all pieces in soapy water and thoroughly rinse them. To keep cakes fresh and cool, wrap them in aluminum foil or film when storing them in the refrigerator.

Be careful! Never put water in the refrigerator. Protect your non-stick surface by cleaning it gently with a mild detergent. Avoid using sharp objects that might scratch the surface. Please take note! Do not put empty pans into the oven.

Highlighted Features:

  • Springform pan set includes:3 piece non-stick pans (4 inch, 7 inch, 9 inch) 1pcs washing sponges and 50 pcs parchment paper liners ,You can make the cheesecake, chiffon cake, three layers cake. This set can meet all your needs
  • Premium Quality Material:High quality carbon steel springform pan, made of a strong, durable, rust-proof, bent-proof sturdy material, BPA free. True double layer non-stick coating makes it a breeze to remove cakes. Safe nontoxic black nonstick coating.
  • Perfect design: with a quick-release latch on the side that easy to opening and closing the detachable pan collar. Removable bottom makes cake removal a much quicker and easier process, you can work faster with better results, and your cakes come out perfectly. Perfect for Cheesecake, Mousse, Quiche, and so on, it Great cake pan set for baker and baking enthusiast.
  • Pay attention: Choose soft tools and mild detergent when you clean the cake pan set to protect non-stick coating, avoid sharp and rough tools to scratch the pan
  • Versatile Use – The spring form pan is not only oven safe, but also pressure cooker and instant pot compatible, oven safe to 445℉, heated evenly. Springform pan can be used by both novice and professional baker to make all kinds of cakes. If you like baking, then this springform pan will be a good choice.

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9. 4.5-Inch Springform Cake Pan Set

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Highlighted Features:

  • Kitchen Essential Springform Pan Set: It Includes 5pcs 4.5 inch cake pans and 100 sheets parchment paper. Perfect for a family with four or five members. This round bakeware set is Great for Individual Single-portion Cakes, Baby Birthday Cake, Layer Cake, Smash Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Kids Confection, Cheesecakes, Deep Dish Pizzas.
  • Health & Durable Material: Each cake pan is made of durable BPA free carbon steel with nontoxic nonstick coating. Our Non stick coating is a food grade safety coating with no harsh chemicals or hazardous substances. It allows the cake to be easily removed without damage.The material of the pan makes sure that the heat is evenly spread out throughout your cake.
  • Stainless Latch & Detachable Bottom: Spring latch offers a tight leak-proof seal and a easy release detachable bottom. The stainless steel springform latch has been upgraded which is stronger and easier to switch but will not fall off or crack, allowing the cake to be pulled out perfectly with little effort. Clean up the pans will be much more easy.
  • Microwave & Oven Safe: Compatible With 5 Qt or 6 Qt Instant Pot. Heat-resistance temperature is up to 445℉ (230℃). These cake pans are widly chose in restaurant and bakery kitchens. This Springform pans are not intended to be watertight though. Anything thinner than cake batter would leak out of the bottom.
  • Washing Advice: Hand wash is recommended only. To protect the non stick coating, please choose soft tools and mild detergent when you clean the cheesecake pan. Avoid sharp and rough tools to scratch the pan.

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10. Springform Baking Pan

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Highlighted Features:

  • PROFESSIONAL SPRINGFORM PAN SET includes 4 piece non-stick pans (4 inch, 7 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch)With Grips.
  • PERFECT FOR MAKING ALL YOUR FAVORITES like cheesecake, mousse, quiche, coffee cake and so on, Great baking cheesecake pans for any people.
  • NONSTICK & REMOVABLE BOTTOM Easy to release and clean up with the easy release Grips and removable bottom.
  • OVEN SAFE TO 450 DEGREES The nonstick cake pan works great as Springform Baking Pan and is oven safe to 450°F Quality Assurance Guarantee
  • HAND WASH RECOMMENDED Choose soft tools and mild detergent when you clean the cheesecake pan to protect non-stick coating. Avoid sharp and rough tools to scratch the pan.

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What to Look for in a Springform Pan?


A stainless steel pan is your best bet for even heating, quick release, and easy cleanup, whether you’re making cheesecake or a savory dish. 

There are also silicone pans, but they don’t perform as well when it comes to browning. Ice cream cakes, cheesecakes, and other desserts with smooth edges are great candidates for silicone.


Springform pans generally come in seven- and nine-inch sizes as standard sizes. There are some that have a diameter of up to 11 inches (usually in professional models) and some that are as small as 6 inches for regular pans. 

There are usually two, three, or four mini springform pans in a set and they are usually around 4 inches in diameter. The pans are great for making individual desserts and pizzas.

Look for springform pans that fit in your Instant Pot that are smaller than 7 inches (remember to include the base size and not what the inside measurements are. Or just use mini pans that can be stacked inside).

In general, springform pans are 9 inches in diameter, which is great for cakes of all kinds. 

For consistency, we recommend buying two pans of the same size from the same manufacturer if you plan to make layered cakes often. 

Unfortunately, there are no standards for sizes, so a 9-inch pan made by one manufacturer could be a little different from one made by another company.

Be sure to take into consideration your springform pan’s height as well. Although most of them are about three inches high, there may be some that are shorter or taller, depending on who makes them.

Nonstick or Not

Nonstick coatings are usually found on metal springform pans. The good news is that these pans are easy to clean. The downside is that your dish will continue to cook after it’s been taken out of the oven. 

Grease and lining are rarely necessary for springform pans with a nonstick coating. They do wear off, however, over time. Regular springform pans are more durable. It is best to grease and/or line them with parchment for the best results. 

You will also brown your food more effectively with coated pans. When making lasagna, this is not so good since it will not form a nice crust on your pie or quiche crust.  

Choosing non-coated metal or silicone pans will allow you to better control baking time. Nonstick pans generally can’t withstand as much heat as those without coatings.

You should hand wash nonstick pans, since dishwashers don’t do well with them.

Leakproof or Not

It is often claimed that springform pans are leakproof, but what does that really mean? You need to keep in mind that springform pans are made up of two separate parts, so they can’t be 100 percent leakproof.

Water or runny liquids will not be able to fit in them. As a result, they are more suitable for supporting thick batters, crusts, or a base made from something durable.

The springform pans we’ve had for at least 40 years (including a set we’ve used for 30 years) have never leaked. It is possible that some butter or other fat will drip out on the bottom of a crust if we don’t tighten the ring. The quality of any springform pan comes down to the person who uses it.

When we make springform pans, we usually line the bottoms with aluminum and/or place them over a baking sheet to avoid any trouble and cleanup. It’s not necessary, but why take the chance?

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