Top 10 Best Steam Pudding Molds in 2022

Various types of food can be prepared with the Steam Pudding Mold. Their shape is similar to a Bundt pan, with an exterior that has ridges and a fluted center. There is one major difference: the tight fit of the lid.

Europeans tend to prefer them over Americans. The pudding is often fluted in the center so that heat can penetrate more quickly.

Aluminum construction ensures that the pudding is heated evenly throughout. However, The Best Steam Pudding Mold will seal your puddings nicely when baking.

A steam pudding mold can be used for a variety of dishes. Among the most common are cakes, yorkshire puddings, jello, and brownies.

Different molds can be found on the market. Some modern variations are cheaper and just as effective as the ones designed by Dr. Oetker. Listed below are a few.

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The 10 Best Steam Pudding Mold Reviews:

1. Nicul Flan Pudding Mold With Lid

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Achieve a temperature of 325 degrees by preheating the oven. Sugar and water are combined in a medium-sized saucepan to make caramel. Clean the sides of the pan thoroughly with a wet pastry brush to remove all sugar granules. Stirring the pan occasionally, cook over moderate heat until the color is golden brown and the mixture smells like caramel.

Approximately ten to fifteen minutes are needed for this. Holding the pan with an oven glove, pour the caramel into a 9 inch round cake pan and swirl it around generously to coat the bottom and sides. Remove from the oven.

Mix the eggs, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and 2 cups of half and half in a large bowl without adding air. Stir the remaining half-and-half and the port into the egg mixture.

Bring to a simmer in a small saucepan and whisk constantly until all the ingredients are incorporated. Remove from the heat and pour into the prepared cake pan. Using a large roasting pan, place the cake pan inside and fill it halfway with hot water.

It should be slightly jiggly at the center, but not wavy, after 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Allow the flan to cool to room temperature before covering with plastic wrap so that the plastic is gently touching the top of the flan. Place in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours and up to a week.

Several times run a small sharp knife around the inside edge of the dish to loosen the custard. Wet the bottom in a hot spout of water briefly.

Invert a round platter on top of the dish and turn them both over together, shaking them gently to help releases the custard (or gently tap the platter’s bottom on the work surface).

There will be caramel sauce dripping from the sides of the plate. Decorate the flan with edible flowers, such as violets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provide heat distribution for consistent browning and baking
  • Classic baking forms used in making flan, baked custard, crème caramel, puddings and fruit cakes using a traditional steam water bath
  • Capacity: Various Sizes N.16 – 3.5 Cups (6.5″ diameter, 3.5″ high); N.18 – 5.5 (7″ diameter, 4.25″ high) Cups; N.20 6 Cups (8″ diameter, 5″ high)

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2. Nicul Flan Pudding Mold With Lid Banho Maria

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The oven should be preheated to 325 degrees. A medium saucepan with sugar and water can be used to make caramel. Clean the sides of the pan of all sugar granules (use a wet pastry brush).

Stirring occasionally, cook the mixture over moderate heat until golden brown and it smells like caramel. It should take between 10 and 15 minutes.

While holding the pan with an oven glove, pour the caramel into a 9-inch round cake pan and swirl it around to generously cover the bottom and sides.

Allow to cool. Gently whisk together two cups of half and half with the eggs, egg yolks, sugar, milk, vanilla, and vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl.

The remaining half and half and the port should be brought to a simmer in a small saucepan, and whisked into the egg mixture a little at a time, whisking constantly until everything is thoroughly combined. In the prepared cake pan, pour through a strainer.

Pour very hot tap water halfway up the sides of the cakepan and place the pan within a large roasting pan.

The center should be jiggly but not wavy after 1 to 1 1/4 hours of baking. Cover the flan with plastic wrap after it has cooled to room temperature. Cool and refrigerate for at least three hours or up to four days.

Use a small sharp knife to loosen the custard by running it around the inside edges of the dish several times. Pour very hot water into a basin to loosen the custard.

A round platter can be flipped over the dish and shaken gently to help release the custard (or rubbed gently on a work surface).

As the caramel sauce drains, it runs into the dish. Add violets or edible flowers to the top of the flan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provide heat distribution for consistent browning and baking
  • Classic baking forms used in making flan, baked custard, crème caramel, puddings, and fruit cakes using a traditional steam water bath
  • Capacity: N.18 – 5 Cups (7″ top diameter, 4″ bottom diameter, 3.5″ high); N.20 – 5.5 Cups (7.5″ top diameter, 5″ bottom diameter, 3.5″ high)

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3. IBILI Pudding Mould with Lid

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Kitchenware has been manufactured by Ibili since 1942. Throughout our corporate history, we have been committed to providing products and services that are always innovative and adapted to market requirements for total customer satisfaction.

We have more than 2,000 references in our catalog. We continue to offer our customers our traditional guarantee of total service from our new distribution center in Alegria-Dulantzi (Alava) that was constructed by the Marcos Larraaga group, to which Ibili belongs.

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4. Kitchen Craft Pudding Basin & Lid

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Highlighted Features:

  • Make yummy, traditional steamed puddings just the way they should be with this big pudding bowl. Just fill with mix, and steam away!
  • Perfect for large, shareable sweet or savoury puds, like Christmas pudding, steak-and-kidney pudding or treacle sponge
  • Works beautifully in microwaves and pressure cookers. You can use it to cook classic puds or veg portions in the microwave too
  • Made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic, so it’s a safe choice for your puds. Topped with a secure lid for perfect, non-soggy results
  • This large pudding steamer has an 1.7-litre (3-pint) capacity, and measures 17.2 cm (7″) wide. Dishwasher safe. 12 month guarantee

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5. Individual Molds Egg Tart Molds Pudding Molds

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There is a nonstick material on the surface of these mini egg tart moulds, which makes it easy to clean and does not leave any residue, which is not only convenient for your use, but also comfortable, which is a nice baking assistant.

They can also be cooked in the oven or directly placed in the refrigerator for freezing; the smooth surface makes it easy for them to be rinsed with running water, and you can wash them in the dishwasher. They are machine safe, so you can wash them with no problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Study and reusable: these individual molds are made of carbon steel and non-stick coating material, wear resistance, and reliable, not easy to deform or break, its surface touches so smoothly that do not scratch your hands or shaped sweets, which can be applied for many times
  • Compact size: each egg tart molds has a proper size for you to make pudding or cupcake, also portable for you to carry it due to light weight, what’s more, please check the specific size in the picture carefully before buying
  • Quick release: these carbon individual molds feature a quick release, do not afraid of breaking the shape of your sweets when you bake or place, easy to demould and transfer finished food to the plates, which will enjoy a wonderful time
  • Rich in quantity: you will receive 10 pieces nonstick individual pudding molds in silver, adequate amounts for you to meet your daily usages or party supplies, suitable for you to DIY various flavors of sweets with your friends or families at one time
  • Multifunction: these egg tart moulds are suitable for baking individual desserts, such as tartlets, cupcakes, pies, quiche, brownies, popovers, muffins, pudding, puto, mini cakes, jelly, cheesecakes, egg custard and more, which has high practicality around us

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6. Nonstick Individual Tumblers Popovers Chocolate Molten Pudding Cups Raspberry Mold

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Highlighted Features:

  • Easy release and cleaning before put a little oil on inner.
  • 4 Layer Hard-anodized Aluminum heats up quickly and is more durable
  • Measures:Up OD*High*Botton OD8.5x 8 x5.5 cm / 3.34 x 3.15 x 2.16 inch
  • Mutifunctional Pans: Perfect for baking individual desserts and recipes of Tarts,Cupcakes, Pies, Quiche, Brownies, Muffins, Pudding, Puto , Mini Cakes , Jello, Cheesecakes , Tartlets, etc

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7. BAKER DEPOT 15 Holes Cylinder Silicone Mold

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Use hot water and diluted edible cleaning agents to clean the device after use. Or you can put it in the dishwasher. Using aggressive cleaners or cleaning force is NOT recommended. Dry the silicone molds before storing them.

DO NOT use silicone molds in gas and fire. They can only be used in ovens and microwaves.

Silicone molds shouldn’t be handled with knives or other sharp tools, and there should be no stress or pulling.

After you take it out of the oven, do not clean it with cool water right away. Just to prolong its useful life.

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8. EasyShopForEveryone Stainless Steel Flan Mold

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Highlighted Features:

  • Pan Size : 5.5″ x 3″. Overall Size: 6″ x 3.5″
  • Healthy & Convenient: You can use our flan pan in any pot using the pot-in-pot method (scroll to see the recipe). Designed for use in electric pressure cookers such as Instant Pot. Healthier and safer alternative to aluminum and non-stick springform pans. Perfect for flan, lasagna, cheesecake, quesillo, mousse, tart, quiche and any desserts, this 5.5″ stainless steel pan is an essential item in any kitchen.
  • Lid with Handle: The Easyshopforeveryone stainless steel water bath baking pan has a lid with handle. The handle allows you to lift the pan out of the cooker easily, and the lid ensures that your baked food is fresh and delicious.
  • Bake it, Take it! Store it! Save the last minute stress for any upcoming event. Bake ahead, cover your confection with the lid and store your cake for safekeeping. To top it off, the convenient handle makes it even easier to transport your cakes to potlucks, parties, and gatherings!
  • Safe for the whole family! No more cheap materials that leach toxic chemicals into your baked goods! The stainless steel cake pan is built with durable high-quality food-grade stainless steel to ensure your health and quality is not compromised in the least. Fits 3 quart electric pressure cookers.
  • Happy Customers – It’s a RISK FREE buy. If you’re not completely satisfied with your insert pans, please contact us and we will refund or replace your product immediately.

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9. Delling 8 Oz Ramekins – Oval Crème Brulee Ramekins for Baking

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These 8 oz ramekins are ideal for baking souffles and creme brulees. Suitable for packing spices and ingredients as you cook, presenting sauces and condiments, presenting quiches, and many other small dishes.

A Delling ceramic ramekin is made by firing mineral-rich clay at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Glaze covers the inside and outside of the box, making it easy to clean and not susceptible to smells.

Highlighted Features:

  • VERSATILE RAMEKINS BOWLS: Souffle dish be measured as 6.5 inches in diameter, 1.5 inches in width, 3 inches in height with 8 Oz. Ramekins creme brulee are ideal for souffle, creme brulee, lava cakes, snacks, blueberry crumble, drawn butter, quiche, or ice cream.
  • SIMPLE AND CLASSIC: Oval ramekin treated with strict glazing technology, fashionable appearance, and elegant white color make creme brulee ramekin never get out of style, giving a timeless look to your tabletop presentation also add to your guests’ dining experience.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Non-stick glaze is all around the dish to keep souffle ramekins won’t absorb odors, flavors, or colors and resists moisture absorption, easy to wash at the same time. What’s more, protruding edges at the bottom make ramekin 8 oz easier to access.
  • RAMEKINS OVEN SAFE: Souffle dishes are made with high quality and durable food-grade ceramic able to withstand high and low temperatures. Ceramic ramekin can be used in the microwave or oven up to 550°F, and safe for dishwasher and freezer.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Ramekins 8 oz set of 6 are a perfect gift for your friends and family on Housewarming, Birthdays, Wedding parties, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, and New Year’s Day

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10. Magik 36 PCS Reusable Non-stick Silicone Mini Baking Muffin

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Highlighted Features:

  • 100% Food-grade silicone,BPA free,eco-friendly, non-toxic, flexible, reusable and durable, completely safe to be used in freezer, oven & microwave.
  • Magik silicone baking cups can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Oven, Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher safe. Clean them will be in a blink of an eye. Easy-release and non-stick silicone will make your baking become more happier. With a nice box, storage become very easy.
  • Easy to clean, Non-stick, spotless & odor resistant feature ensures the silicone baking cups / molds very easy to clean. Simply rinse them in warm soapy water or place in dishwasher after use!
  • Magik silicone baking cups are not only best for the baking and food: classic cupcakes, muffins, mini chocolates, truffles, pastries, pudding, ice cube..but also suitable for crafts: soaps, crayons, sidewalk chalks, bath bombs, candles and more.
  • Package includes: 36 PCS muffin baking cups.

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What To Look For Before Buying A Steam Pudding Mold

Steaming pudding properly produces a soft and juicy result. The right steaming instructions are important, but you must also use the right tools to achieve good results. 

There are always things in your kitchen that can be used to make a steamer. To make a good steamed pudding, the most important thing you will need is a good pudding basin. 

Steam pudding molds are available in a variety of designs. The shapes, sizes, and materials are as varied as the designs. Before you buy one, here are a few things to consider. 


Several types of pudding basins are available for making steamed puddings, but aluminum, steel, ceramics, and plastic are the most popular. 

Buying a pudding basin that can withstand steam is essential. Purchasing a pudding steamer mold, which is labeled as such in the store, is important even if you have something suitable in your kitchen.

In this way, you can be sure the mold will resist high temperatures as well as conduct heat evenly. 


How many people you usually serve pudding to determines which steam pudding mold to use.

It is necessary to have a big and wide pudding basin for large families. Alternatively, you can buy mini pudding molds to prepare individual portions if you are making the pudding for yourself or for two people. 

Be sure to take into account the pot or saucepan you will use as well when choosing the size of the pudding mold. Before you buy a pudding basin, measure your steamer. 

Lid or No Lid 

Steaming the pudding requires that the basin be tightly closed in order for the mixture inside to cook properly. 

A steam pudding mold can be purchased with a lid or a simple heat-resistant pudding bowl can be bought. It will require some effort to create a makeshift cover for a pudding mold that does not come with a lid. 

Making a makeshift lid is quite simple and takes a few minutes. Using greaseproof paper and aluminum foil, cover the basin with an oily layer (whether butter or vegetable oil).

Once the cover is in place, it can be secured by folding over the edges of the aluminum foil or by tying a string around the basin, making sure that it holds firmly. 

Making a makeshift lid for the pudding mold isn’t something that bothers you. Instead, you can purchase a lidless pudding bowl that best suits your needs. 

Top Handle 

Most steam pudding molds with lids come with a handle at the top, which makes it easy and safe to pull the hot mold out. 

Create a handle for your pudding basin if you’re using a plain one with a makeshift lid.

Using a second piece of string, thread it under the string around the rim of the basin. By using the string, you will not burn yourself when removing the pudding from the boiling water. 


The design of a steam pudding mold is a secondary consideration. 

Molds of different shapes were used to steam puddings at the beginning of the 20th century. Anything from a ceramic basin to an empty can worked. 

Traditional pudding molds today have flat bottoms and tapered sides. Steamed puddings are also imprinted with patterns from the ridges on the sides.

In addition to having a tube in the center, many pudding molds are similar to Bundt pans. 

If you prefer smooth sides for your puddings, you can also buy a plain pudding mold. Be sure, however, that the plain bowl has a rim to help secure a cover.


Steam pudding molds can either be dishwasher safe or not depending on the material. Choose a basin that can be washed in the dishwasher if you need something that is easy to clean. 

Mold can also be removed more easily by buying a basin that is non-stick. 

Final Thoughts

A pudding bowl is far more convenient and performs better than a bowl when it comes to pudding making. 

There are several models on the market that you can choose from. This one from Dr. Oetker has a fluted center that cooks quickly. You can also use a cheaper alternative. 

For a more traditional-looking pudding, a pudding without ridges and fluted centers will do. However, it may take a little longer to prepare. Pick the one that fits your needs the best.

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