Top 10 Best Sugar for Creme Brulee in 2022

The 10 Best Sugar for Creme Brulee Reviews:

1. Gustus Vitae – Caramel Crème Brûlée Cane Sugar

Gustus Vitae - Caramel Crème Brûlée Cane Sugar

I can just imagine how delicious this sugar is. It certainly lives up to its name. We hoped to be able to create some new flavors that were equally delicious and versatile when we began creating gourmet cane sugars, but we never imagined that they would be this incredible.

There is literally hundreds of ways you can use this gourmet cane sugar beyond baking, from the best morning coffee you’ll ever have, to the perfect addition to movie night popcorn, to making creme brulee, to dusting everything sweet we can think of.

Try this if you want to try something from our line of small batch, gourmet cane sugars – it may be the best thing we’ve ever made.

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2. Roots Circle Vanilla Sugar for Baking

Roots Circle Vanilla Sugar for Baking

Highlighted Features:

  • INFUSED WITH RICH, NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOR: Enhance the taste of your favorite breads, desserts, scones and baked goods. Infused with aromatic, warm vanilla flavor, our sugar adds rich, irresistible and scrumptious tones to coffee cakes, desserts, and hot beverages.
  • GARNISH & DECORATE BAKED GOODS & FRESH FRUIT: Vanilla sugar is not only great for baking, but it is also ideal for sprinkling and rolling directly onto your sweet confections. Grab a pinch of vanilla sugar and dust some on fresh berries or fruit for a final touch of added juicy sweetness.
  • ELEVATE YOUR COFFEE, HOT COCOA & OTHER DRINKS : Craving a vanilla flavored cup of joe? Skip the flavored creamer and plop a spoonful of all-natural vanilla sugar right into your hot coffee. Vanilla sugar is also a great addition to your hot cocoa or for steeping into your favorite hot tea.
  • THE BEST-KEPT SECRET TO DELICIOUS TASTING CAKES: It’s no surprise vanilla sugar is used by gourmet chefs and cooks alike. With vanilla sugar, it’s easy to add rich, decadent flavor to cakes, pies, frostings and whipped cream. Simply add one scoop to flavor a medium sized cake!
  • PREMIUM AIRTIGHT PACKAGING FOR FRESHNESS: This bulk 27oz container of vanilla sugar arrives to you with a careful seal that ensures lasting freshness. It comes complete with a wide resealable screw top for easy-access scooping, and rests stably on your pantry or shelf.

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3. Oetker Creme Brulee

Oetker Creme Brulee

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4. Judee’s Superfine Caster Sugar

Judee’s Superfine Caster Sugar

Since we are bakers ourselves, we cater to people looking to bake delicious cakes and breads for their families. Gluten-free mixes and sweeteners give you excellent gluten-free options for everyday staples.

Highlighted Features:

  • Creating rich gluten-free breads and doughs
  • Mixing with breading to create crisp chicken, fish, and more
  • Sweetening up coffee, drinks, and desserts
  • And more

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5. India Tree Sugar Vanilla

India Tree Sugar Vanilla

Highlighted Features:

  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: 10301
  • Item Package Dimension: 5.3cm L x 5.6cm W x 13.6cm H
  • Item Package Weight: 0.55 lb

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6. HEILALA – Pure Vanilla Sugar

HEILALA - Pure Vanilla Sugar

Its fertile soil and ideal climate make Tonga an ideal place to grow vanilla. We are proud to produce pure vanilla products from our untouched and pure part of the world. It is important to us that we preserve our natural environment for generations to come as New Zealanders.

Consequently, we adhere to only the highest ethical and sustainable business standards. Our method of producing vanilla makes it the best in the world.

We are the Vanilla Experts

Our award winning vanilla is made through our own unique and innovative process. Cold-pressed and extracted using time and a highly scientific process, vanilla is our art form. Our product is an investment, but that’s because it is simply the best.

We invest more in the welfare of our farmers and we put more effort into the process. Our R&D department focuses on creating new and innovative vanilla products.

In the communities that grow vanilla, we are always seeking to maximize the crop and make it even more successful.

Ours is a connected ecosystem, from farm to plate.

All aspects of the vanilla production process are vital to us. The vanilla we create for our consumers is of consistent quality, and we strive to create a reliable, steady industry for the farmers and communities that produce it.

Helping people is at the heart of everything we do

In what began as an aid project to help a Tonga community recover from a devastating cyclone, a family-run vanilla company now thrives worldwide. We will always put the needs of our partners in the Pacific as the core of our business, even as we create award-winning vanilla.

What makes Tonga vanilla better than Madagascar vanilla? In the South Pacific, Polynesia, we have the Kingdom of Tonga.

The best vanilla beans are usually found in Madagascar. There is no connection between Madagascar vanilla beans, also called Bourbon varieties, and alcohol.

Madagascar, the Comoros, Réunion, and Tonga produce vanilla beans from the Vanilla planifolia plant.

A rich and creamy flavor distinguishes Bourbon vanilla beans from other types of vanilla beans. This is why Madagascar is often referred to as Madagascar vanilla because it produces the world’s largest volume of vanilla.

In recent years, vanilla pods have increased significantly in price, as has violence – and forest defenders have been forced to risk their lives defending wildlife habitat from being cut down for profit.

Our business is centered around the health and welfare of our farmers. There is safety in the South Pacific, where there is no corruption or adversity like in Madagascar.

Highlighted Features:

  • MULTI-AWARD WINNING – Heilala Vanilla Bean Sugar is a rich blend of raw sugar delicately infused with pure vanilla extract and mixed with very finely ground vanilla bean powder to create a convenient, economical and versatile alternative to whole vanilla beans.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – This rich vanilla sugar is made from raw cane sugar, vanilla extract and ground vanilla beans. No artificial preservatives, fillers or flavors. Gluten Free
  • COUNTLESS USES – Perfect in all baking such as cakes, puddings, cookies or anywhere the flavor and sweetness of vanilla bean is desired. Also ideal for desserts such as custards, ice cream, shortbread, creme brulee and whipped cream which require the perfect balance of the sweetness of sugar with the infusion of 100% pure vanilla flavor
  • EASY & CONVENIENT – Sprinkle over freshly baked cookies, cakes and muffins. Add a teaspoon to coffee or hot chocolate. Dust French toast, pancakes and fresh fruit with Heilala Vanilla sugar for a sweet vanilla hit.

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7. Sugar Creme Brulee Bootie

Sugar Creme Brulee Bootie

Sugar has become wildly popular among the young and fashionable. With a variety of unique and stylish accessories that are affordable for every tween or teen, Sugar is sure to satisfy her sweet, sporty or sassy side.

Its fresh, evolving designs continue to make Sugar Shoes a front-runner among teen brands season after season. With its launch in 1998, the brand has become a trademark and remains a favorite today.

A contemporary shoe collection for women who love whimsy, the Sugar Shoes collection features uber-feminine designs.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% Manmade
  • Man Made sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1″
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5 inches
  • Lace up bootie

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8. Vanilla Bean Cane Sugar

Vanilla Bean Cane Sugar 

We’ve got the unique Vanilla Bean Cane Sugar for baking, cooking, and creating. With its lovely dappled color and delightful flavor, this versatile cane sugar is a delight to use when baking (goodbye vanilla extract!) and for dusting sweet treats. You can also use this on popcorn for the perfect movie binge!

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9. India Tree Vanilla Sugar

India Tree Vanilla Sugar

Golden-colored and old-fashioned, Turbinado sugar has a natural golden hue. An additional third of a Bourbon vanilla bean has been added to its richness. Sprinkle INDIA TREE Vanilla Sugar on cereal or coffee. Whip into custards or add to coffee.

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10. Refillable Kitchen Torch Lighter

Refillable Kitchen Torch Lighter

Highlighted Features:

  • Safe and Durable: The safety lock prevents accidental ignition. A broad base helps to prevent it from falling over. Long angled nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand safely away from the flame. We crafted our culinary torch out of professional-grade materials, providing you with a safe and easy-to-use tool.
  • Refillable and Easy to Operate: Refill the kitchen torch with any brand of butane. Please note that butane gas is not included. Simply slide the security lock to open, light up with Piezo Ignition Technology. It is a portable mini torch that you can take for many outdoor activities like camping and BBQ.
  • Great Versatile Gift: The crème brûlée torch is ideal for caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, glazing a baked ham, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese, and toasting breadcrumbs. It is also useful for lighting your fireplace, candles, or cigars, for hobbies, arts and crafts projects, jewelry making, welding, for multiple camping applications, dabs, and much more.
  • Adjustable Flame and Continuous Flame Mode: Piezo Ignition Technology allows for use at any angle, even upside down with effortless one-hand operation, adjustable temperature regulator for complete control of the flame, and allows the flame temperature to reach up to 1300 °C/2372 °F. Press the button to light the fire, turn the safety lock clockwise at the same time, then it will keep firing without your pressing. Baking, cooking is much easier.
  • Fits ALL Butane Tanks: Are you still worried about not knowing which tank type to choose? Don’t worry; the Sondiko kitchen butane torch fits any brand of butane gas, whether long nozzle or short nozzle! This torch can be directly modified for the long nozzle gas tank. For a gas tank with a short nozzle, add the red adapter included in the box to lengthen the nozzle, then refill the torch.

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