Top 10 Best Sugar Free Gummy Bears in 2022

The 10 Best Sugar Free Gummy Bear Reviews:

1. Albanese World’s Best Sugar Free 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

Albanese World's Best Sugar Free 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

‘World’s Best’ is more than just a slogan, it’s at the heart of everything we do. In addition to sourcing the best available ingredients, we manufacture our gummies right here in the United States as part of our commitment to do things right. We are confident that you will notice the difference.

The chewy texture of our gummies makes them a real treat to eat. Our fresh fruit flavors will amaze you, flavors so good you’ll call your favorites by their names – Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple, and Lemon.

World’s Best – Albanese can be spelled gummi bears or gummy bears, but only one way! Taste the difference for yourself by picking up a bag.

Albanese’s confections have been made in the United States for over 30 years, including gummi bears, gummi worms, gummy bears, and our gourmet chocolates.

Our focus has been on making unique chocolates and gummies during that time. As soon as fans tasted our products, they weren’t able to get enough.

Gummi Bears and Gummi Worms were soon in huge demand! There has never been a better time to enjoy the World’s Best Albanese Candies. Order online at this time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sugar Free never tasted better. Enjoy everything you love about Albanese gummies – fresh fruit flavors and a soft chew you won’t find with other gummies and all 12 flavors just minus the sugar.
  • Stock up with 12 bags of 3.5 oz bags of Sugar Free Gummi Bears
  • Fat Free, Gluten Free, and only 45 calories per serving! It looks like you found your perfect snack.
  • An allergy friendly treat – Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Dairy Free, MSG Free, Gluten Free, and No Artificial Sweeteners.
  • Made in the USA with pride!

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2. Albanese Sugar Free Gummi Bears

Albanese Sugar Free Gummi Bears

About Product:

Diet TypeGluten Free
Unit Count1 Count
Package InformationBag
Weight3.5 Ounces

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3. Scrummy Gummy Bears

Scrummy Gummy Bears

Sugar-Free Scrummy Gummy Bears come in 1.8oz (50g) bags and contain approximately 25 pieces (2g per bear).

There is no sugar alcohol, no chemical sweetener, and no artificial flavor or color in Scrummy Gummy Bears.

A whole bag of these treats is only 1g Net Carbs and gluten-free! Authentic ingredients go into making Scrummy Gummy Bears. All of our sweeteners, our acids, and our natural flavors come from all natural sources, such as fruit, vegetable, and plant sources.

There are approximately 25 Scrummy Bears in every bag, made with organic, natural fruity flavors, such as Lime, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Green Apple.

There is no added sugar in each serving, and it contains 19 grams of soluble fiber, making it the perfect snack or after-dinner treat for those watching their sugar intake. Diabetes and keto diets were taken into consideration when choosing sweeteners.

Ingredients sourced locally in the USA.

Highlighted Features:

  • ZERO SUGAR GUMMY BEARS: Zero sugar with all the flavor. No sugar alcohols, no chemical sweeteners, no inulin or IMO. We chose natural sweeteners with diabetics and keto people in mind. Our gummy bears are sweetened with non-GMO allulose and monk fruit which are both suitable for diabetics or anyone looking to reduce sugar intake.
  • ORGANIC NATURAL FLAVORS AND COLORS: No artificial flavors or colors was a given. But we went a step further and use all organic natural flavors and organic natural colors made from real fruit, vegetable and plant sources.
  • HEALTHY TASTY SNACK: One serving = 1 whole bag. Every scrumptious bag contains approximately 25 gummies with 19g of soluble fiber, 4g protein, and 6 organic natural fruity flavors including: Lime, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Green Apple.
  • NO DIGESTIVE EXPLOSIONS: We’ve read the sugar-free gummy bear reviews too, and that’s why we chose to skip sugar alcohols and inulin in our recipe. The result is a delicious gummy bear with the perfect texture, loaded with soluble fiber, but without the weirdness.
  • MADE BY A KETO MOM: Made with ingredients we would feed our kids and grandkids, our gummy bears are gluten-free and have just 1g Net Carbs in a whole bag making these a truly zero-sugar, keto-friendly candy snack treat! Our gummy bears have been kid-tested and kid-approved by kids of all ages. Made in the USA with carefully sourced ingredients.

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4. Haribo Gold Bears Gummy Candy

Haribo Gold Bears Gummy Candy

About Product:

Unit Count480 Ounce
Weight5 Pounds

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5. Brach’s Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Brach's Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Ferrara’s first candy hit the shelves in 1908, but so much has changed since then.

However, the same spirit of creativity and innovation that fueled those early years still drives our company. Because of our commitment to quality, we’re the number one non-chocolate candy manufacturer in the United States.

Although we have a great history, the prospects for future success and growth are even brighter. In our mission, we are elevating brands that have been loved for generations.

Among the brands we brought together in 2012 were Trolli, Brach’s, Black Forest, Now & Later, and Lemonhead. We’re constantly bringing the highest-quality, best-tasting confections to market. Make the occasion memorable.

Celebrate what makes you happy. Do something frivolous. The Brach’s are always a welcome break, no matter what life throws at us.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gummy Bears
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • Sugar free
  • Perfect for a movie night treat or midday snack
  • America’s candy maker since 1904

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6. Fruidles Sugar Free Black Licorice Bears

Fruidles Sugar Free Black Licorice Bears

Licorice bears are sweet and firm, without adding sugar to the mix. With Fruidles Sugar-Free Black Licorice Bears you can still get the delicious licorice taste without the sugar. Whether it’s a treat for students, patients at the doctor’s office or customers at the bank, these Black Licorice Bears will delight!

They’re perfect for kids! Black Licorice bears can be used as party favors, stocking stuffers, stocking stuffers, stocking stuffers, piata fillers, care packages, wedding favors, or any other event that calls for some sweetness!

Sugar cravings will be satisfied with these sweets without the sugar!

Black Licorice Bears are available in 3 different sizes: 8 oz, 1 lb, and 2 lbs. Bag resealable – quality and freshness are assured with a resealable bag.

You can unroll a legacy of a timeless classic that takes you back to the good ol’ days as you unroll our famous Traditional Black Licorice made in the Netherlands.

Highlighted Features:

  • BLACK LICORICE BEARS: Firm and sweet licorice bears pack a wallop of great taste without the added sugar. Enjoy Fruidles Sugar-Free Black Licorice Bears that somehow maintain its yummy licorice essence without the sugar. Our mouthwatering long-lasting flavors make these Black Licorice Bears a special treat for students, customers at the doctor’s office or bank and even for adults!
  • PARTY FAVOR: Kids will Love Them! These Black Licorice Bears are ideal to use as Party Bag fillers, Stocking Stuffers, Events, Birthday Parties, Piñata Fillers, Care Packages, Wedding Party Favors, and any Other Event that needs some Sweetness to it! Tastes as good as they look and are guaranteed to satisfy your sugar cravings without the sugar!
  • PACKAGING: The GMO-Free Black Licorice Bears come in 3 different sizes Bags: 8 oz, 1 Lb and 2 Lb. Resealable Bag- Comes in a resealable bag to ensure quality and freshness.
  • FOR THE LICORICE LOVERS: Take a bite of our famous Traditional Black Licorice made in the Netherlands and Enjoy its classic and nostalgic licorice taste as you unroll the legacy of this timeless classic that takes you back to the good ol’ days 😉.
  • BUY RISK-FREE: At the Fruidles Company, we fully stand behind our products with total satisfaction and a 100% money-back guarantee.

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7. Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Gummi Bears

Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Gummi Bears

Seven delicious fruit flavors of juicy sugar-free Gummi Bears are available. These Gummi Bears contain 45% fewer calories than regular Gummi Bears, but are just as yummy.

A 2.8-ounce bag of this product may cause stomach discomfort and/or laxative effects. The amount of beans to start with varies depending on your tolerance. The Orthodox Union certifies all confections by Jelly Belly to be OU Kosher.

Highlighted Features:

  • Juicy Sugar-Free Gummi Bears come in seven delicious fruit flavors.
  • 7 delicious flavors made with SPLENDA.
  • They’re just as yummy as regular Gummi Bears, but with 45% fewer calories!
  • WARNING: Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect. Individual tolerance will vary; we suggest starting with 8 bears or less.
  • All Confections by Jelly Belly are certified OU Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

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8. Albanese Assorted Fruit Flavor Gummi Bears

Albanese Assorted Fruit Flavor Gummi Bears

All the flavors you love in one place! These sour gummies feature a detailed design and a softer chew that is bursting with flavor!

These gummies are made in the USA, gluten free and fat free, with no major allergens, and are low in sodium.

Whether you enjoy them at home, on the go, or for sharing, our packaged gummies are a great choice. We have a variety of resealable bags to keep your favorite gummies fresh.

Various sizes and flavors are available, so when in doubt, go for them all!

Do you love our gummies but are only interested in one or two flavors? Fans who wish to customize a candy buffet or party can choose from Albanese’s individually flavored gummies!

Various shapes are available, including bears, worms, butterflies, frogs, and flowers.

With our signature texture and innovative flavor explosion, the Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears have elevated the tasting experience.

You will be blown away by the variety of unique flavors that taste like you are biting into the real thing. You will find your taste buds begging for the next flavor.

Real fruits and vegetables are used to make these gummies.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fruit Flavor Gummi Bears
  • Soft bursting with flavor and fresh
  • It’s an Albanese World’s Best gummi bear if it has the A “on the bears belly”
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Fruit flavor assorment of gummi bears
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • The only 12 flavor assorment of gummi bears available

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9. Brach’s Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Brach's Sugar Free Gummy Bears

We have reduced the calories in Broch’s Sugar Free Gummy Bears by 35%. The gummy bears come in a variety of fruit flavors, including cherries, oranges, apples, lemons, pineapples, and more.

Emil J. Brach, a German immigrant, began selling handmade caramels in his “Palace of Sweets” in Chicago in 1904. Founded by Emil J. Brach, a German immigrant, in 1904, Chicago is named the “World’s Candy Capital.”

The name Broch’s has become recognized around the world as a leading manufacturer and innovator of premium confections. Enjoy this momentous occasion. We congratulate you.

Let’s indulge in frivolity. Whatever happens in life, you always have a reason to break out the Brach’s. It’s been a long time since the first Ferrara candy was released in 1908.

But the same spirit of innovation and creativity that fueled those early years continues to drive us. Our commitment to quality has helped us become the No. 1 non-chocolate candy manufacturer in the U.S. Although we’ve achieved a lot in the past, we have even greater potential for growth and success in the future.

Our mission is to take brands loved for generations and make them even better. Trolli, Brach’s, Black Forest, Now & Later, and Lemonhead were some of the brands we brought together in 2012.

In order to provide consumers with the best tasting and highest-quality confections, we are constantly innovating.

Highlighted Features:

  • 35% fewer calories than regular gummy bears
  • Sugar free candy
  • 35 calories per serving
  • 5 delicious flavors
  • America’s Candy Maker Since 1904

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10. Albanese Sugar Free 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

Albanese Sugar Free 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

There are 12 flavors available for these sugar free gummies, just like the original.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dairy Free
  • Fat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • MSG Free

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