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john boos cutting board

Quality tools are essential for cooking success. A John Boos cutting board is the foundation of kitchen prep work. These cutting boards are premium wood products. Boos cutting boards were built to last, and when properly cared for, will be one of the most useful items in your kitchen.

Think of all the applications of a kitchen cutting board. Of course, a good cutting board is indispensable for such tasks as chopping onions or mincing herbs. But, a larger solid wood surface is ideal for kneading dough, breaking down a roast chicken, or slicing a loaf of bread. The perfect cutting board is appropriate for a variety of applications. It will also be easy to maintain and look great in your kitchen.

Boos Cutting Board Comparison Table

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Introducing You to the John Boos Cutting Board Brand

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The John Boos company has made cutting boards since 1887. Its first innovation in the cutting board industry occurred during this first year of operations when founder Conrad Boos built one of the first butcher blocks. He constructed this large board as a base for a blacksmith's anvil.

According to company lore, a butcher saw the blacksmith's anvil table and asked for one for his shop. This new product became a standard tool for meat choppers all over the United States, as the national rail system was also growing at the time. Thus, the John Boos company created the modern butcher block, and some aspects of this original design have inspired many of today's home-use Boos cutting boards.

Boos cutting board styles

Those unfamiliar with kitchen prep tools may think that all cutting boards are mostly the same. There are, however, a wide variety of cutting board styles. Prices vary greatly, too. You can buy a thin plastic surface that is dishwasher-safe or invest in a board constructed of fine wood that requires gentle hand washing.

Aspiring and skilled home cooks know of the benefits of a quality wood board. Hardwood stands up to repeated knife blows and provides the ideal surface for many professional-level knife skills.

Different woods

All Boos cutting board models comprise of hardwood, either maple, cherry, or walnut. Hard rock maple is very popular for a few reasons. First, it is a sturdy cutting board material. Although not impervious to knife damage, maple is not a softwood, such as pine, that would turn to a pile of woodchips and sawdust after a short amount of usage. Another benefit is maple's self-healing qualities. Cuts into the wood blend back into the surface over time. Maple is also sustainable, renewable, and plentiful in the United States.

Cherry and walnut cutting boards are very similar to maple, but may also have tighter surface pores and deeper natural oils. Wood pores come into play in determining the appropriateness for a cutting board for certain jobs, such as cutting raw meat. You'd think that a large wooden cutting board would become a germ magnet since it is difficult or impossible to sanitize. Hardwoods do a superior job.

Cutting board care

Some people prefer to use a plastic or acrylic board for raw meat or fish. However, with proper preparation, a wooden cutting board is easier to care for and sanitize than a plastic one. Here's how to keep any hardwood cutting board in top shape:

After use, wipe away any large crumbs or food scraps. If there are stains, you can use a lightly dampened kitchen sponge with a drop or two of mild dish detergent. Gently scrub away stains, then rinse with a small amount of water and wipe dry with a kitchen towel. Do not submerge your wooden cutting board, as prolonged soaking can loosen the wood glues used in joining the boards.

Alternatively, you can use a popular restaurant method that involves lemon juice and kosher salt. Scatter a layer of kosher salt on the board. Squeeze a lemon over the salt and scrub the lemon-salt paste all over the wood surface. Wipe clean and enjoy an odor-free, naturally clean cutting surface. Once a month, apply a light coating of food-grade mineral oil.

Proper cleaning will help keep your cutting board in great shape for many years. This method applies to all Boos cutting board models, including those listed below.

How we reviewed

We determined the best by examining features and benefits, different wood species, design, portability, ease of cleaning, and numerous customer reviews. We aimed to find the best overall cutting board for most home cooks.

Price range

Boos cutting boards range widely in price depending on size, thickness, wood construction, and other factors. The cheapest Boos cutting board starts around $, but you can spend several thousand dollars for end-grain full countertop-sized models. We focused our reviews on smaller cutting boards that you would use for kitchen prep jobs, then stow away until next use.

The 10 Best Boos Cutting Boards

Chopping Board, Knife And Leaves

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A Boos cutting board is an investment. While you may want to eventually bless your home kitchen with a collection of fine cutting boards, we decided to review 10 Boos cutting board models to identify the best overall. If you could only buy one board, which one is the best multitasker of the bunch?


This entry-level Boos cutting board is thin, lightweight, and affordable. Measuring only 10 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 1 inch high, this is perfect for slicing citrus fruits or chopping small amounts of herbs. Store one of these in a drawer for those little tasks that don't require a full surface.

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Cutting board features

  • Solid maple with a natural oil finish
  • Reversible
  • Lightweight and easy to hand wash


The Chop-N-Slice John Boos cutting board's price ranges from $ to $.


Customers posted mixed reviews about this small cutting board. Some noted that it is a quality board for small jobs. Others found that the thin board cracked easily over just a short period of use. Regular oiling and avoiding submerging in water help in reducing such cracking.

R03 maple wood edge-grain

A classic, all-around useful cutting board is the maple wood edge-grain model. This Boos cutting board is the right size for most kitchen work, but its relative thinness (1.5 inches) means that it is light and easy to maneuver around your workspaces.

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Cutting board features

  • Solid maple
  • Reversible
  • 20 inches tall by 15 inches wide
  • Recessed handgrips allow for easy transport


This standard reversible maple Boos cutting board's price ranges from $ to $.


This Boos cutting board is well-reviewed. Many customers rave about the solid construction and consistent performance in the kitchen. Some customers noted that their boards cracked after a few months of use. Again, this is more likely if you do not regularly oil the board. Also, if you have low humidity in your home, your cutting boards may become excessively dry.

Cherry wood edge grain

The wood edge grain model Boos cutting board also comes in cherry. This model has the same general specs as the maple board but is harder and more durable. The hardness of cherrywood makes this less likely to warp and split, increasing the product's longevity.

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Cutting board features

  • Cherry wood for durability and looks
  • Edge grain construction for strength
  • 20 inches tall by 15 inches wide
  • Reversible
  • Recessed hand grips located at each end of the board


Since cherry is a more scarce wood product, the cost of a cherry Boos cutting board is almost double that of a maple model. The price range for this size cherry cutting board is from $ to $$.


This is also a well-reviewed product. Customers noted that the cherry wood's natural oils seemed to increase its protection. Some referred to the product as "stunningly gorgeous, but tough."

Walnut wood end-grain butcher block

For a significant price jump, you can have a Boos cutting board that will last a lifetime. The walnut end-grain reversible cutting board is a beautiful addition to any kitchen and can take a beating.

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Cutting board features

  • End-grain walnut
  • 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 3 inches high
  • Solid construction with heft
  • Reversible with incorporated hand grips


The price range for this is from $$ to $$. The thickness and quality of the wood contribute to its expense.


Although this cutting board is stunning and made from highest-quality wood, customer reviews are mixed. There are more than a few commenters who noted that they took many precautions, including buying Boos-branded cutting board oil, but still saw the board crack and come apart. This is understandably upsetting for a $300 cutting board. On a positive note, many people saw this as a perfect cutting board since its sturdiness keeps it from moving around during chopping.

Maple reversible with groove and grips

Boos cutting board models also can have features for specific jobs, such as carving a roast. Some cutting boards, such as the Boos maple reversible model, feature a "juice groove." This model is thick, sturdy, large enough for almost any job, and is a true two-in-one kitchen solution.

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Cutting board features

  • Reversible with "juice groove"
  • 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 2.25 inches tall
  • Hard rock maple construction
  • Integrated hand grips
  • End-grain construction is gentle on knives


The price range for this Boos cutting board is from $$ to $$.


This Boos cutting board model is one of the best reviewed on Amazon. Commenters rave about the heft and functional reversibility. The board is heavy, so it doesn't easily move around during use, but its handles allow for toting the board around when needed. There are very few negative comments, with some complaining about splitting and separating of this sturdy wood, too.

Newton Prep Master

For those home cooks who like the functionality of a reversible cutting board with a juice groove, the Newton Prep Master provides dual smooth surfaces and a grooved channel that feeds into a removable pan. This design makes sense, as meat juices that dribble out of a roast during carving make an excellent component in sauces and gravy. Reclaiming this juice is one way to power-up your home cooking.

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Cutting board features

  • Reversible
  • Northern hard rock maple construction
  • Edge-grain cutting board performance
  • 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 2.25 inches tall
  • Removable juice tray


The price range for the Newton Prep Master is from $$ to $$.


Although the Newton Boos cutting board seems to have an innovative design, customers aren't unanimously in love with the product. Some of the usual complaints include wood cracks that developed over a short period. Others note that the wood warped easily. Positive reviews focused on the innovative design that shows attention to detail, such as the varied height of the juice groove which encourages draining.

Carving Collection pyramid design

A similar product is Boos' Carving Collection product. This is a reversible cutting board that has a flat surface on one side and a grooved one on the other. The distinguishing feature, however, is its pyramid design. Carved nubs act as a gripper for pieces of meat. For example, holding a roast in place as you carve.

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Cutting board features

  • Reversible with handles
  • 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 2.25 inches tall
  • Removable steel drip pan
  • Pyramid stabilizers


The price range for the Carving Collection Boos cutting board is from $$ to $$$.


There aren't as many reviews of the Craving Collection as there are of other Boos products. The comments are overwhelmingly positive, though. Reviewers love the thick, sturdy build quality and unique pyramid design. A few noted, however, that the pyramid nubs can get in the way of slicing smaller cuts of meat, such as steaks.

18-inch round maple Chinese chopping block

Boos also makes round cutting boards. These, such as the 18-inch model, are solid, with a smooth end-grain surface. The round shape makes them an attractive space-saving kitchen solution.

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Cutting board features

  • Solid maple with a natural oil finish
  • 18-inch diameter
  • Reversible, with both sides smooth for general use


The price range for the 18-inch round maple Chinese chopping block is from $ to $$.


Customers generally like this Chinese chopping block, noting the sturdy construction and build quality. The round shape makes the board easy to rotate and spread ingredients, but some believe the heft makes it too difficult to use to transport ingredients to a cooktop area.

Herb-A-Round mezzaluna

For a unique spin on fine herb chopping, check out the Herb-A-Round Mezzaluna Boos cutting board. This round reversible cutting board has a concave center for using a mezzaluna knife, which is a round-edged mincer that rocks in a bowl while cutting.

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Cutting board features

  • Round shape
  • Reversible, with herb bowl on one side, flat surface on the other
  • Hard rock maple construction
  • 13 inches in diameter, 2.25 inches thick


The price range for the Herb-A-Round Boos cutting board is from $ to $$.


Commenters really like this small and functional cutting board. Chopping herbs is easy, and although thick, the board is lighter and easier to handle. A few reviewers cautioned that not all mezzaluna knives will fit in the small bowl shape.

Maple butcher block

The last Boos cutting board we reviewed is the company's classic maple butcher block. This is a rectangular cutting board that is an all-purpose kitchen tool. Unlike the standard maple cutting boards, this hefty board is thick and features end-grain wood construction.

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Cutting board features

  • 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 2.25 inches tall
  • Stunning maple end-grain
  • Reversible with integrated hand grips


The price range for the maple butcher block Boos cutting board is from $ to $$.


Opinions about this butcher block are also somewhat mixed. While most like the solid build, there seems to be a fair amount of concern about the end-grain sections become loose over time.

Which Is the Best Boos Cutting Board for Your Kitchen?

With the wide array of choices, those shopping for a professional-quality Boos cutting board might not know which is the best. While the entire Boos line is high quality, even with scattered rumblings about splitting and cracking, the best cutting board is the one that is the most versatile. Accordingly, we think the maple reversible with groove and grips is the best cutting board for most consumers. It is large, easy to maneuver, and has a juice channel for carving meat.

Make a Boos cutting board part of your kitchen arsenal, but remember to take proper care of the wood and you'll enjoy a lifetime of use.


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