Chicago Cutlery Steak Knives Buying Guide and Review

If you’re ready to upgrade to a better set of steak knives, then don’t settle for generic store brands. Instead, choose a quality set, such as Chicago Cutlery steak knives.

Nothing stirs up the image of a dimly-lit popular steakhouse more than these thick serrated blades with big wooden handles. Once you get a set, you will wonder how you could have enjoyed a steak without them!

As an example, when my wife and I moved into our first apartment together, we bought cheap cutlery, including a set of thin steak knives with plastic handles.

These were meant to be temporary, but for years we kept them around. We constantly hacked and sawed at steaks. A couple of them even had bent blades, yet we continued to use them.

Eventually, our butter knives were better at chopping meat than these steak knives were. One Christmas, I played Santa Claus and purchased a set of real steak knives.

Our lives were instantly improved, as were our meals. We here at Food Prep Life recommend you do the same thing. Buy yourself a quality set of steak knives. Could Chicago Cutlery steak knives be what you need?

All About Chicago Cutlery Steak Knives

Chicago Cutlery steak knives are just one product in a long line of knives from this manufacturer. Chicago Cutlery produces kitchen knives, tableware, butcher knives, and sporting knives.

However, Chicago Cutlery is not a company, but a brand. Corelle Brands is the company who owns the Chicago Cutlery brand.

They are an Illinois-based corporation formerly known as Corning, and then World Kitchen, before being rebranded as Corelle Brands.

Several bankruptcies and reorganizations in the past decade led to large-scale layoffs and downscaling of production.

Today, less than 3,000 workers in America, Canada, and Asia produce all of Corelle Brands products.

What sets Chicago Cutlery steak knives apart?

Although Corelle Brands is the actual company behind Chicago Cutlery, they still create some fantastic blades. You’ll find Chicago Cutlery knives in professional kitchens across the USA and Canada.

They’re famous for their blue handles. When it comes to steak knives, Chicago Cutlery is in steakhouses and homes all over the country.

These steak knives feature high-carbon stainless steel blades. Also, the serrations have tapered edges which slice through meat and are easy to resharpen.

A full tang extends throughout the handle on all Chicago Cutlery steak knives. Another feature of Chicago Cutlery steak knives that you’ll enjoy is their lifetime warranty.

It’s free to replace any defective knife. Of course, this doesn’t include misuse or lack of care.

Basics steak knife set

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While Chicago Cutlery steak knives come in several different flavors, the Basics set is the one their most popular.

These walnut-handled steak knives feature big fat serrated blades that look and feel like those steakhouse knives you love. The tang gets held to the handle by three rivets.

Also, the famous “Chicago Cutlery” seal is laser-etched right on the blade. A set of four will cost you between $20 and $40. Customers on Amazon rated these knives 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Almost everyone praised their size, with one customer calling them, “big, beefy knives.” A few people complained that they tend to tear meat instead of cutting it, but this is common with serrated knives.

Metropolitan steak knife set

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The next Chicago Cutlery steak knives you can buy are the Metropolitan set. These use the same high-carbon stainless steel found in the Basics set. However, they have a black polymer handle instead of a thick walnut one.

There is a full tang, and the handle is triple-riveted, just like the Basics knives. The difference between the two comes down to look. Do you prefer a thick wooden steakhouse knife or a sleek contemporary steak knife to match your kitchenware?

The cost of the Metropolitan knives is a little higher, as well. You can expect to pay between $40 and $50 for a set of 4 steak knives.

Also, customers weren’t as impressed with the Metropolitans as they were with the Basics. On Amazon, they gave this set 3.7 out of 5 stars, with most enjoying how sharp the blades are.

On the other hand, several people complained of rust spots forming early on, which could be a sign of lower-quality steel.

Insignia steak knife set

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If wooden handles or polymer handles don’t appeal to you, how about full stainless steel handles? The Chicago Cutlery Insignia steak knife set uses the same serrated-edge blades as the other sets, but the handle is an ergonomically-shaped stainless steel.

This steak knife looks sleek and modern. If you have a stainless-steel kitchen, these will compliment it perfectly. A set of 4 Insignia steak knives costs between $35 and $60.

Also, customers on Amazon gave them 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviews were mixed, but most people said the knives look incredible.

The all-steel blades and handles are sharp, both literally and aesthetically. However, many people reported severe rusting problems. This could be from improper cleaning or a severe defect in the knives.

How We Did Our Review

Because we strive to help you make an informed purchasing decision, we dug deep for as much information as we could find on Chicago Cutlery steak knives.

Our first stop was the Corelle Brands website. This included Chicago Cutlery’s Amazon profile. Next, we shopped around to get an idea of prices, and we read through a bunch of Amazon customer reviews.

These reviews are an invaluable resource because they tell us exactly how the knives hold up in the real world.

Finally, we compared Chicago Cutlery steak knives to a few competitors. We wanted to see if there were better knives out there for the same price. After all, you want the best knife you can afford, and we’re here to help you with that.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its list of pros and cons, and steak knives are no exception. Because you expect a high level of utility and pedigree from a steak knife, the bar can be a lot higher than with other knives.

For instance, your paring knife will stay mainly in your kitchen, while a bushcraft knife is all about utility. On the other hand, your steak knives will be displayed in public and offered to guests.

Also, the flavor and experience of eating steak will fall mainly on these knives. This means you want more pros than cons. After reviewing Chicago Cutlery steak knives, we were able to come up with a decent list of both.


  • Look and feel great
  • Authentic steakhouse experience
  • Sharp and cut meat well
  • Inexpensive
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Many reports of rusting
  • Steel is of lower-quality than other knives
  • Mostly made in China

How They Stack Up

The last step we took in our review of Chicago Cutlery steak knives was to compare them to three other steak knife brands. This told us how well they stack up to the competition.

Are they as sharp and long-lasting as Henckels steak knives? Do they look better than Cuisinart steak knives? Are Messermeister steak knives more affordable? We found the answers to these, and other, questions.

J.A. Henckels International Series steak knives

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First up in our comparison are the International Series steak knives from J.A. Henckels. Henckels has produced knives for nearly three hundred years.

They are the world’s oldest knife manufacturer, recognized around the world for quality. Many of their knives are forged and laser-cut right in Germany.

Chefs and restauranteurs all over the globe swear by Henckels. Which is why we wanted to see if Chicago Cutlery steak knives can hold a candle to them.

We chose the International steak knives because they are in the same price range as all of Chicago Cutlery’s steak knives.

These high-carbon stainless steel blades have micro-serrated edges, cut by laser. Henckels claims they never go dull, so you’ll never need to sharpen them.

The full-tang handle is triple-riveted for stability. And, although they are dishwasher safe, we always recommend hand-washing knives. Henckels offers a limited one-year warranty on these knives, which cost between $20 and $40.

On Amazon, customers gave these knives 4.2 out of 5 stars. Many customers raved about how sharp the blades are, and the handle is comfortable to hold.

One common complaint was that the knife tears meat instead of cutting it. Again, this is because of the serrated edges, and is common.

Messermeister Avanta steak knives

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Next, we looked at another German knife company, Messermeister. Whereas Henckels is a centuries-old institution, Messermeister is the new kid on the block.

The company began when the son of German immigrants to America went back to Germany with his wife and started manufacturing knives in Solingen.

This is the knife region of Germany and is home to Henckels, Wusthof, and other famous brands. Since then, Messermeister became a name for quality among European chefs, both in restaurants and at home.

The Avanta steak knives get forged out of a single piece of X50 German steel. This means the steel is pure. There are no cheap alloys mixed in. Also, the blade is a full tang with triple rivets to secure it to the black pakkawood handle.

The handle itself has an end-cap, which gives it a graceful look. Like Chicago Cutlery steak knives, all Messermeister knives come with the “Knife for Life” warranty.

This warranty is lifelong, so you’ll never need to repurchase another set of steak knives. These cost between $40 and $60.

Customers on Amazon loved these knives, giving them 4.7 out of 5 stars. People raved about how well the blades cut through the meat. Also, customers loved the look and feel.

Even with the serrated edges, the Avanta steak knives manage to slice instead of tear. Some customers did complain that the wooden handles split and chipped.

This may be because people were putting knives in the dishwasher, which you should never do.

Cuisinart C55 steak knives

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Finally, we have the cool-looking C55 steak knives from Cuisinart. This brand is famous for its colorful kitchen appliances, and their steak knives are no exception.

Cuisinart can trace its roots to 1971 and the first home-sized electric food processor, which until then could only fit in restaurants and factories.

Cuisinart sells blenders, mixers, slow cookers, scales, and anything else you can find in the kitchen. Although the company is in Connecticut, most of their products get manufactured in Asia and Mexico.

The Cuisinart C55 steak knives feature high-grade stainless steel mixed with stain-resistant alloys. Also, the blade’s coated in a non-stick ceramic. Cuisinart claims helps it to glide through the meat.

These knives are jet-black. They look striking. Also, polymer-plastic handles are smooth and easy to hold.

Unlike the other knives we compared, these do not have a full tang. They do come with a limited lifetime warranty, and cost between $25 and $50.

Customers on Amazon rated them 4.5 out of 5 stars. People said they were pleasantly surprised at how nice they look. The ceramic coating doesn’t chip off after months of use.

Also, the blades stay sharp and able to cut through the meat. Some people did mention that the steel is of low quality and isn’t very sharp.

Also, many people had issues with the blades snapping away from the handles. This is why we always recommend a full tang.

Should You Buy Chicago Cutlery Steak Knives?

After reviewing Chicago Cutlery steak knives and comparing them to the competition, we can confidently endorse these knives.

We love the big, thick steakhouse look, especially of the Basics set and their walnut handles. But we would avoid the Metropolitan set, if only because customers were not wild about them in reviews.

Chicago Cutlery steak knives are not what we would consider the best steak knives. For between $20 and $50, we think most people would be happier with the Messermeister Avanta steak knives.

These are true steak knives. They’re built using amazing German steel. Also, they look beautiful, and those pakkawood handles are stunning.

Of course, they require more maintenance, and you will want to hand wash them, but you should be doing that regardless of which steak knife set you choose.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Chicago Cutlery steak knives, though Messermeister does seem to edge them out in our review.

If you do get a set, make sure to test them out on the biggest marbled tenderloin you can find. Because you, and your steak knives, deserve it.

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