Kanpeki Knife Set Review

The knives we use in the kitchen have an influence upon the outcome of our cooking and the level of precision we enjoy during the process of our cooking.

The Kanpeki knife set is an excellent choice because it provides precise cutting power. When deciding upon a knife set, there are several factors that should be taken into account to ensure that the products chosen are suited to your specific needs.

The most significant factors to consider when choosing a knife are the steel, the handle format, and the shape. The steel can range anywhere from low-carbon stainless steel, to high-carbon steel that would be as effective in a samurai sword as a kitchen knife.

In this article, we’ll explore the Kanpeki knife set by Japanese producer Kamikoto, in addition to three other options presented by the Kamikoto brand.

All of these knives are of Japanese manufacture, and employ high-carbon, top-quality steel blades, making them amongst the best on the planet.

As you’ll see, while all the knives we’ve reviewed feature wonderful steel and excellent design, they are nevertheless unique in form, function, and style.

Read on to learn more about how upping your knife collection can increase the quality of your kitchen game.

What Is a Kanpeki Knife Set?

The Kanpeki knife set is a knife set offered by manufacturer Kamikoto. Kamikoto produces traditionally handcrafted Japanese steel blades.

Each blade is individually inspected and signed, made of Japanese Honshu steel, features a single-bevel blade, and comes seated in a stylish ash wooden box.

The manufacturer states that “Kamikoto blades are handmade with precise attention and care.” Each blade is handmade with particular attention paid to precision and quality.

The blades are a tribute to centuries of Japanese traditional knife making craft and techniques.

The Japanese steel blades featured in the Kamikoto lines are carefully balanced and also meticulously polished for a perfectly balanced and shiny knife.

The Kamikoto brand of knives is one of the most preferred amongst professional chefs across the planet. Like all knives produced by Kamikoto, the Kanpeki knife set also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Their products are described as: “Blades crafted in the hands of true masters, they are skillfully forged to serve you generations over.”

While the cost of the knives produced by Kamikoto are higher, their lifetime warranty and many generations of life underline their value.

The Kanpeki knife set offered by Kamikoto is a 3-piece set of fine Japanese knives made of Honshu steel.

The set includes a 7-inch nakiri vegetable knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife, and a 5-inch utility knife. The handles and blades are mutually satin finished to present you with a subtle yet stunning luster to the overall appearance of the knives.

Product Specs

As we’ve established above, the Kanpeki knife set uses the same high-quality Honshu Japanese steel as all the blades in the Kamikoto line.

The knives are precision-balanced and weighted for ease of use, and they have a high level of corrosion resistance given the steel used. The natural ash box that the blades come in allows for stylish safekeeping and storage.


The pricing of high-end kitchen knives can vary widely, ranging from dollars per knife into hundreds of dollars for professional-grade knives, and into the thousands per knife for artisan-produced blades produced by noteworthy blade smiths.

The Kamikoto lines are generally in the price range of similar professional-grade knives produced in Japan or Germany, with the Kanpeki knife set coming in at just under $370.

For three blades of the quality provided by Kamikoto coupled by the lifetime warranty, this is great value for money.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. Note that all of the sets we’ll be exploring below are produced by Kamikoto, with each set having a variety of different blades to apply to a variety of cooking applications in your kitchen. They are ideal for home or commercial use.

Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knife Set

Kamikoto Set of 3 Niigata Steel Kanpeki Knives

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

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The Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set comes with three knives: the 7-inch vegetable knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife, and a 5-inch utility knife.

These knives provide the essential functions you’ll need when slicing meat and vegetables, although their larger size will make them less than ideal for paring, skinning, and other finer functions.

The knife set comes with a certificate of authenticity and is boxed in a stylish ash wood box with customized and form-fitting lining.


Coming in at just under $370 for a set of three knives, this set is in the general range for professional-grade knives made from high-carbon steel of considerable quality.


The quality of the knives is without question as is the functionality of the blades. However, this particular set is not hugely versatile as the blades are all relatively long, making this set useful for larger cutting functions but ill-suited to fining cutting functions.


The quality of the Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set is extremely high. The set was designed by Yamamoto-san, a fourth-generation master knife-smith and also Chairman of the Kamikoto Advisory Board.

The company was founded by his great-great grandfather in 1908 and continues the tradition of the family’s ancestors.

They originally earned their living producing traditional Katana blades, for samurai and the Japanese navy alike.

The family has shifted in the modern world into the production of knives, with their commitment to quality supporting Kamikoto’s leading position in the global cutlery industry.


The Kanpeki knife set like all Kamikoto knives comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, with the knives themselves capable of being passed down through generations with the proper maintenance and care.


  • High-quality Japanese Honshu steel
  • Satin-finish on the polished blade and handle
  • Top-notch beveled edge holds sharper longer


  • Functionality somewhat limited for the large-blade set

Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

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The Kamikoto Kensei knife set, like the other offerings of the brand, comes in a natural ash wood box. The knives feature the same top-quality Japanese Honshu steel.

The set includes a 6.5-inch boning knife in addition to a 9.5-inch kiritsuke knife. Each blade features a single-bevel kata-ha blade.

The single-bevel blade that these knives features provides extra precision in your cutting and is ideal for the slicing of fish or for fine cutting work with vegetables.

The honesuki boning knife featured in the set is of particular value in the de-boning of poultry, and for other purposes such as filleting.


Priced at just under $350 for two knives, this Kamikoto knife set is on the higher end of the prices we have encountered in these reviews.


The versatility of the individual knives is high, with the boning knife featuring a reverse tanto tip which allows you to easily pierce and engage in especially precise cutting.

The kiritsuke knife provides fantastic performance for the cutting of fish or fine cutting of vegetables. However, overall the set is somewhat limited in functionality and versatility, particularly given that some sets provide knives for all purposes.


Top-notch design based upon generations-old time-tested steel production techniques and skill.


As with all the Kamikoto knives we’ve explored in this article, the Kensei knife set comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • High-performing knives
  • Specially designed to optimize their function
  • Single-bevel blade adds fineness to the cut


  • Just two knives so the set has limited versatility

Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knife Set

No products found.

This set is one of the most expensive offered by Kamikoto and comes with two knives: 1one10-inch chef knife and one 5.5-inch utility knife. The knives are of the finest quality and handmade. Each knife is carefully balanced and polished to provide optimal luster and shine.


The price of this particular set is very high, coming in at around $1,375, for a set that includes two knives.


The level of versatility included with this set is limited in terms of the knives that are included. While each knife is perfectly tailored to perform its individual functions, as far as a knife set goes, this one has particularly limited functionality.


Produced with traditional Japanese blade-smithing techniques using only the finest quality Honshu steel, these blades are some of the best quality ones available on the planet in terms of professional-grade mass-produced knives. Better quality is only available through artisanal blade-smiths who produce far smaller volumes.

Warranty (5-stars)

Like the other Kamikoto knife sets we have explored in this article, the Senshi dual knife set comes with the same lifetime warranty.

The company has stood behind the quality of its products for generations, and the knives will stay in your family for generations of your own with the proper care and maintenance.


  • Polished to a glimmering shine
  • The display stand is highly stylish and even artistic
  • Provides you with two essential knives of top-grade quality 


  • Very expensive for two knives

Kamikoto Set of 3 Niigata Steel Kanpeki Knives

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The Kamikoto set of three Niigata steel kanpeki knives includes one 7-inch nakiri meat cleaver with a 2.5mm thick blade, a slicing knife at 8.5-inches with a 2.5mm thick blade, and a utility knife measuring in at 5-inches with a 2mm thick blade.

The blades are carefully ground on one side and hollow ground on the other for a fine taper. This knife set offered by Kamikoto does not feature the same Honshu steel as the other knives explored above, but is instead made of high-grade Niigata steel from Japan. The handle and blade are both satin finished for optimal luster.


In comparison to the other knife sets offered by Kamikoto, this particular set is somewhat economical, priced at just under $525 for three knives.

However, the steel that is used is of lower quality than the Honshu steel used in the other Kamikoto sets.


Of all the sets we have reviewed, this one has the greatest versatility. It offers three blades of varying shapes and sizes suited for more functions than the limited sets explored above.


The same Kamikoto manufacturing techniques and design, although the Niigata steel is of lower-grade than the Honshu steel used in the other knives we’ve reviewed.


When you choose these knives, you get the same Kamikoto lifetime warranty as all the brand’s products.


  • Single-beveled blade for added performance
  • Relatively low-priced compared to Kamikoto’s other knives


  • Not made of Honshu steel

Final Verdict

The knives produced by Kamikoto are made using the same techniques as the ancestors of the company when making Katanas for the samurai then the Japanese Navy.

Thie rich history behind the blades adds further value to their already top-notch design and incredibly high-end materials.

Whatever your cutting needs, the knives of Kamikoto can provide you with a perfect cutting edge that can be kept razor sharp and ready to slice and dice with minimal effort and maintenance.

The single-bevel blade also adds significant smoothness to your cuts, adding quality to your skill as you prepare meals.

For more information on knife brands and other essential kitchen tools, check back to Food Prep Life at www.foodpreplife.com for ongoing articles and updates.

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