Lansky Knife Sharpener: Find the Best Knife Sharpener

For better or worse, knives are part of our everyday tools that facilitate important daily functions. For instance, think about trying to whip up a decent meal without a knife. Food prep would be a nightmare. If you love the great outdoors, you know that a knife forms an integral part of your survival kit. Out there in the wild, a knife might be the difference between seeing civilization again or getting devoured by the wilderness. That’s why a Lansky knife sharpener must go hand in hand with your favorite knife. A dull knife is useless to you in both scenarios.

The sophistication and innovations that are in modern knives demand that they get proper care and maintenance to remain and perform at their best. A huge part of this maintenance is ensuring that the blades are sharpened and honed to maintain their edge. Given the quality raw material and technologies used to craft premium knives, you must select an equally premium knife sharpener that will keep your edges sharp without ruining your precious knives.

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Lansky’s Premium Quality

Materials used today in creating premium knives include high carbon steel, CPM-S30V steel, D2 (60-62 HRC), CPM-20CV (59-61 HRC), platinum and other high-quality types of steel and alloys. With such a swath of varying knife blade materials, it also means that these knives can be incredibly hard with a Rockwell hardness of up to 66. That demands you have a knife sharpener equal to the task.

Lansky is a renowned, go-to brand when it comes to knife sharpeners. Founded in 1979, their knife sharpening systems are broad and effective. With this brand, you will find a suitable Lansky knife sharpener for all your knives and their various intricacies including hardness and angling. These knife sharpeners can handle your kitchen knives, hunting knives, serrated blades, workshop knives, arrows, axes, machetes, and so much more.

The Lansky Knife Sharpener: Types of Knife Sharpeners to Expect

Lansky has an incredible portfolio of knife sharpeners to suit every preference and knife sharpening need.

Precision knife sharpening kits

One of the major recurrent challenges for knife enthusiasts is often having multiple blades with varying bevel angles and applications.

For example, you may have a knife arsenal that includes a 17-degree fillet knife for gutting fish, a 19-piece kitchen knife block set with 20-degree angled knives, and a heavy-duty 30-degree angle knife for cutting through sterner stuff like rope or cardboard. The challenge is finding one sharpener that can work on all of these blades, ensuring that they all receive proper maintenance. Lansky provides precision sharpening kits that allow you to sharpen each blade to its specific bevel requirement.

The four angles on Lansky sharpening systems include 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees. What’s more, these kits feature different honing abrasiveness to provide varying levels of grit as needed.

Diamond sharpeners

Diamond sharpeners come in different forms ranging from uninterrupted edges to edge diamond surface on a bench stone. Others are portable sharpeners and sharpening rods.

Ceramic steel sharpeners

Ceramic does a great job of sharpening and providing a professional-grade polish to knives. This line of sharpeners includes portable ceramic knife sharpeners, sharp sticks, as well as sharpening rods

Tungsten carbide sharpeners

Tungsten carbide is what you need for quick touch-up strokes to restore or fine tune a sharp edge on your blade. Lansky has knife sharpeners that exclusively work with carbide or have a carbide slot working in conjunction with other slots such as ceramic and diamond slots for optimal edge sharpness.

Pocket sharpeners

Lansky’s pocket sharpeners are practical yet highly portable. Their range of pocket sharpeners includes pocket stones and high tech portable devices.

Bench stones

There are numerous quality bench stones to select from at Lansky, all with a non-slip base and varying grit levels to suit different type of blades. The bench surfaces include honing material such as diamond, alumina-oxide stone, ceramic, as well as soft and hard Arkansas stone just to name a few. Some Lansky bench stones come with three surface options in one bench providing a stand-alone knife sharpening center.

Common Features on Lansky Knife Sharpeners

When you purchase a Lansky knife sharpener, you can be sure that portability is considered. The knife sharpener is either pocket-friendly or has a storage/carrying case that ensures all components can be stored together and are easily retrievable.

Also, if you work with extra long knives, Lansky provides extra long knife clamp screws that enable you to sharpen thicker blades with ease. They also provide instructional pamphlets in several languages for ease of use with all their sharpeners.

How We Reviewed

When reviewing each Lansky knife sharpener, we looked at design and ease of use. We also took note of the sharpening material used as well as the sharpener’s ability to sharpen different angled blades. Also, we checked for portability and any other unique or specialized features.

Top 7 Lansky Knife Sharpeners

There are many options to choose from, but these are the very best.

Lansky Master’s Edge

Lansky Master's Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener

What first strikes you about the Master’s Edge is the unconventional design. It has a very contraption-like design with parts sticking out of the base. It’s a versatile sharpener that can handle both straight and serrated knives.It comes with ceramic rods that serve to sharpen steel blades as well as provide them with professional grade polish. The grey colored rod is 800 grit while the white one is 1000 grit. The Master’s Edge also incorporates a medium ceramic triangular rod to work knife bevel angles such as 17, 20 and 25 degrees.


  • Easy storage
  • Can sharpen both plain and serrated blades
  • Ideal for a broad spectrum of knives
  • Sturdy non-slip base


  • The design takes some getting used to for first-time users

This Lansky knife sharpener is a workhorse that offers you a myriad of application options. It is ideal for camping or traveling. The Lansky Master’s Edge has a consumer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. You can also opt to buy it from the Lansky website

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Lansky’s deluxe 5-stone system

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

This product provides a solution for the ever-elusive ability to hand sharpen knives accurately at their respective angles. It utilizes a controlled-angle sharpening technology to sharpen knives at the angles best suited for them.The secret behind this technology is a multi-angled, flip-over knife clamp with extra long screws that allows sharpening normal-sized blades as well as those that have a longer and thicker blade constitution.The multiple honing rods in this system consist of varied grits including, extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine and ultra-fine.

For easy identification, the hones are color coded. This sharpening system can sharpen the 4 different popular blade angles: 30,25,20 and 17 degrees.


  • Ability to sharpen four different bevel angles
  • Five honing rod options
  • Ergonomic finger grooved safety handles onhoning rods
  • Specially formulated honing oil
  • Custom molded carrying case


  • The hones can be too small for some users

With this system, DIY knife sharpening is much easier with excellent results irrespective of whether you are a novice or experienced at knife sharpening. The versatility of this unit in sharpening an assortment of knives at differing angles gives it a consumers rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, where you can purchase it. It is also available on Lansky’s website.

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Lansky QuadSharp Carbide/Ceramic Multi Angle Knife Sharpener

Quadsharp is arguably the most pocket-friendly, portable Lansky knife sharpener with the highest versatility among the brand’s offerings. It utilizes the Lansky’s controlled-angle sharpening system and, despite its size, can be a stand-alone knife sharpening solution for several blade bevel angles. It works on 17, 20, 25, and 30-degree knives. The construction features ceramic polishing bench stones in the sharpening slots.


  • Tough exterior of rugged metal construction
  • Quick touch up with three to four strokes in carbide slots
  • Built-in ceramic bench-stone slot for fine polishing
  • Can sharpen an assortment of blades


  • It can ruin your knives if used with force. Apply a delicate touch

The biggest selling point for the Quadsharp is its portability and versatility. Weighing only 4.2 ounces, good things do indeed come in small sizes. It is available on the Lansky website, eBay, and Amazon, where consumers have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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Lansky tri-stone bench stone

Lansky BS-TR100 Tri-Stone Benchstone

The Tri-stone comprises three different edge to edge surfaces measuring two inches by six inches. At the top is a diamond, extra coarse surface (120 grit), which serves to re-profile damaged blades and those that are extremely blunt.For blade touchups, you have one side face with long lasting (280 grit) Alumina-Oxide surface and the opposite face has a ceramic (1000 grit) surface for polishing and finishing the edges.


  • Quick three in one formula
  • Sturdy low profile with a non-slip base
  • Easy bench mounting with included screws on the base


  • Need experience to handle

This product is a stand-alone knife sharpening center that is both effective on the dullest of blades and efficient for honing and polishing. It has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Also, you can buy this Lansky knife sharpener on the company website,

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Lansky Blade Medic

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The blade medic is pocket-friendly in prize and portability. It can tackle regular serrated blades as well as specialty knives like fillet and hunting knives with ease. That’s because it comprises of a tungsten carbide slot which will have your knife sharp in three to four strokes, a diamond rod for blade maintenance and re-profiling of blades, and a ceramic sharpening slot for a polished finish.


  • It is pocket-sized
  • Pre-set sharpening angle at 22.5 degrees
  • Can sharpen an assortment of knives

For a knife sharpener the size of your car keys, the Lansky Blade Medic goes above and beyond. Consumers love it because of its performance and have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is available on Amazon, or

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Lansky diamond folding tapered rod

Lansky LS09735-BRK Folding/Tapered Diamond Rod

If you are more comfortable with a rod sharpener but also need high portability, this product is an ideal companion. The construction is simple, efficient, and practical. The diamond rod sharpens plain and serrated blades, not to mention gut and fish hooks. It comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle, and the 3.5-inch diamond rod is foldable for easy storage and portability.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Foldable and portable
  • Sharpens plain and serrated blades


  • Need experience to handle

Perfect knife sharpener for the kitchen but also works for camping or fishing blades owing to its efficiency. Consumers rated this product at 4.2 out of 5 stars. Buy it from Amazon or

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Lansky 13-inch steel sharpener

Lansky 13" Butcher Steel Sharp Stick

If you make a living using knives as a butcher or other professional, or if you simply need your household knives sharp, this is the Lansky knife sharpener for you. It is easy to use, durable and efficient. It also gets your knife edges honed with a few quick strokes.


  • Rubberized, comfortable non-slip handle
  • Has a safety guard


  • You need knowledge of handling a sharpening rod

Simplicity is the 13-inch sharp’s key to efficiency. Buy it on Amazon where it has a customer rating of 3.5 stars out 5. Alternatively, it is available on the Lansky website

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How Do Other Brands Compare?

Lansky is a leader in manufacturing knife sharpeners. Here are some competitors a Lansky knife sharpener has to beat.

Priority Chef Precision manual knife sharpener

PriorityChef Precision Knife Sharpener

Priority chef is also another respected brand of knife sharpener on the market. This manual sharpener has a sturdy iron non-slip base. It comprises two knife sharpening slots made of tungsten carbide and ceramic wheels. They sharpen and hone the knife’s edge in two stages.


  • Efficient two slot system
  • Sharpens blades with three to four strokes
  • Polishes fine bevel edges


  • It is not versatile in the assortment of knives it can sharpen

Compared to the Lansky’s Quardsharp, this product can only sharpen knives at one angle only. The Lansky’s Quardsharp can sharpen at 4 different angles of 30,25,20 and 17 degrees. It’s rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by consumers on Amazon. 

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The Chef’s Edge Pro Apex 4 knife sharpening system

Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpening System

This sharpening system utilizes water whetstones as opposed to oil stones. Water whetstones last longer and are cheaper to replace. They are better than electric sharpeners which tend to shave more steel off your knife. This system can tackle knife blade thickness of up to 3.5 inches with ease and knives are sharpened at the same angle at every honing session. The stones range from coarse to ultra-fine consisting of 1000, 600, 400, 220, and 120 grit.


  • Comes with 2000 and 3000 grit polish tapes
  • Has a knife clamp
  • Has a carrying case


  • Can be messy to use

With this sharpening system, you can be able to work on various knives, honing them to achieve a super sharp edge at different bevel angles. These include 10, 15, 18, 21, & 24 degrees. That is more angles than any Lanksy knife sharpener we have mentioned. However, the Deluxe 5-stone system has an extra-coarse black hone at 70 grit which is crucial for re-profiling extremely blunt or damaged blades, whereas the Chef’s Edge Pro’s most coarse hone is at 120 grit. Consumers rated this product at 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 

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AGPtek 4-stone professional kitchen knife sharpening system

AGPtEK Second Professional Kitchen Knives Sharpen Tool System

The sharpening stones in this system can use oil or water, and the assembly of the unit is easy and fast whether you are a novice or professional. However, it has only one sharpening angle. The Lansky’s deluxe sharpener can sharpen four different knife angles.


  • Has a variety of stone grits
  • Comes with a knife clamp
  • Ruler to help with knife clamp angling
  • One fixed angle sharpening frame
  • Disc sucker for a non-slip base


  • The hones have basic grits

The most course hone included in the AGPtek sharpening system is a 180 grit hone against the Lansky Deluxe 5-stone system’s 70 grit. However, it is distinctly easier to use than the Lansky hones. Consumers rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The price ranges depending on the vendor.

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Sharp Knife Anyone?

With the numerous selections available for a Lansky knife sharpener there really is no excuse for using a dull knife. Whether you are a knife enthusiast or you simply need your blade sharp enough to fix some dinner, there is more than one knife sharpener in all the above that will work for you. We find that the Deluxe 5-stone sharpening system works the best for all types of knives and sharpening needs, making it our best Lansky knife sharpener.

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